Paediatric Wheelchair

We support and care for so many young wheelchair users – helping them develop and grow through the suitable wheelchair, peace of mind for mum and dad.

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    Action 3 Junior children wheelchair 2

    Invacare Action 3 Junior

    From £647.00 Excl. VAT
    The Action 3 Junior wheelchair by Invacare is capable of adapting to all stages of the child's growth. Invacare knows perfectly that children demand freedom and fun.
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    Ottobock BRAVOracer

    From £2,067.00
    Practical, compact all-rounder handles any everyday situation effortlessly and is easy to stow for transportation. Active wheelchair based on children's body and growth adapts to requirements.
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    Motion Composites Helio Kids – Carbon Fibre

    From £3,395.00
    Keep up with the active lives of children. Crash-Tested superior carbon-fibre design is incredibly light and improves everyday mobility while being exceptionally strong. Kids grow fast, the Helio Kids grows with them.
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    TiLite TWIST

    From £2,578.00
    Designed from the ground up for children, the TWIST encourages exploration, independence, and, yes, playfulness. TWIST grows with you!
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    Sunrise Medical Zippie Youngster 3

    From £2,395.00 Excl. VAT
    Designed for the unique needs of active kids, the Youngster 3 provides excellent manoeuvrability, good front stability and an exceptionally unique look.
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    Ki Mobility Little Wave Clik

    From £2,675.00 Excl. VAT
    Index System, intuitive adjustment design to provide accurate, easy growth.  A system so easy to adjust promotes proper positioning and wheel access, so your child gains active independence and mobility.
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    SORG Mio Carbon

    From £5,245.00
    Ultralight carbon child's wheelchair. The flexibility of the back system in optimum shoulder drive wheel position for fatigue-free propulsion.
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    Progeo Joker Junior 2.0

    From £2,538.00
    The lightness, adaptability and personalisation a child requires. Each detail is designed to enable the children to express their style.
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    Trekinetic K2 MKII – All-Terrain Wheelchair

    From £4,850.00
    One of the most advanced off-road manual wheelchairs available. The Trekinetic K2 off-road manual wheelchair is uniquely designed to fold down and fit into a small vehicle with minimal effort.
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    SORG Vector Rigid Frame Wheelchair

    From £2,569.00
    Unique and stable wheelchair with excellent features for strain-free self-propulsion or attendant pushing. The Vector's adaptability comes from its flexible modular concept.
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    SORG Jump Alpha

    From £2,399.00
    The inclusive allrounder. Reliable, Flexible, Versatile. Just like its user. New generation of foldable wheelchairs: minimised package size, optimised flexibility, and highest stability.
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    Ottobock Start M6 Junior

    From £802.00
    Lightweight children‘s wheelchair features accessories like the adult variants. A starting seat width of just 28 cm comes in bright, child-friendly colours.
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    SORG Mio

    From £2,645.00
    Growable in all dimensions clever and stylish optimised lightweight and compact construction design suitable for children from 12 months old.
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    KI MOBILITY-Little-Wave-Childrens-Wheelchair-6

    Ki Mobility Little Wave XP

    From £2,250.00 Excl. VAT
    Young people can use strength and leverage to their advantage, ability to change and grow with a child using it, extremely light, simple and easy to transport.
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    Simba in pink

    Sunrise Medical Zippie Simba

    From £2,895.00 Excl. VAT
    Perfect lightweight rigid children's wheelchair. So your child will find it easier to push and manoeuvre themselves enabling them to be active for longer.
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    TiLite Pilot

    From £2,578.00
    Modern stylish ultra-lightweight TiLite Pilot paediatric manual wheelchair. The self-propel wheelchair that moves and grows with your child.