Our exclusive brands

  • Benoit Systemes
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    Benoit Systemes

    Since 1994, Côte d’Or-based French manufacturer Benoit has designed advanced power add-on systems for wheelchairs. These advanced rear-drive solutions represent the latest innovation in independent powered mobility for enhanced living. Benoit and Recare – proving a unique partnership together that combines leading-edge engineering with personalised service.

  • Motion Composites
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    Motion Composites

    This high quality Canadian manufacturer employs the most advanced materials, such as carbon fibre, to design high-performance, ultra-lightweight wheelchairs with unrivalled features and benefits. This stylish brand reflects our ethos for delivering active, positive living in a wheelchair.

  • PDG Mobility
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    PDG Mobility

    With over 20 years of expertise built-in, Canadian-built wheelchairs from PDG Mobility represent the leading edge of tilt-in-space design. PDG is renowned for specialist wheelchairs that provide a vast range of tilting and reclining solutions for users with multiple needs. From simple to complex postural requirements, PDG has the answer for maximise comfort and quality of life.

Our brands

  • Permobil powered wheelchairs
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    Permobil powered wheelchairs

    Scandinavian design excellence with unsurpassed dependability. Permobil powerchairs are renowned for comfort and support with exceptional functionality for easier living.

  • Sunrise Medical products
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    Sunrise Medical products

    From manual to powered wheelchairs, specialist seating to mobility scooters, Sunrise Medical are one of the world’s most popular brands for proven independence without the worry.

  • Invacare products
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    Invacare products

    ‘Yes, you can’ is the motto for Invacare – perfectly highlighting the enabling benefits of these top class mobility products. Invacare manufactures wheelchairs, powerchairs, specialist seating and further assistive solutions that ensure you remain confident and safe when living with disability.

  • Pride Mobility products
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    Pride Mobility products

    ‘Live your Best’. One of the world’s leading providers of mobility scooters, powered wheelchairs and adjustable chairs, Pride has a reputation that is second to none.

  • Rise and Recline adjustable chairs
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    Rise and Recline adjustable chairs

    Beautifully handcrafted, made to measure. R&R excels in supplying us with rise and recliner chairs that adjust to your needs and provide utmost comfort. Relax, recline and stand with ease – these powered chairs are the ideal companion for easier living at home.

  • Flexel
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    Flexel has been a trusted brand with a vast range of equipment and components for the mobility sector since 1986. From specialist batteries and tyres to ramps and wheelchairs, Flexel is respected for its quality and precision. We are proud to provide its lightweight, transportable wheelchairs as they ensure reliability, durability and comfort for all our clients.

  • Stimulite
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    Representing the latest innovation in pressure management cushions, Stimulite is fast replacing foams and gels as the number one choice for memory relief. Soft and flexible honeycombs developed in the aerospace industry deliver moulded pressure relief and outstanding ventilation to control heat and moisture, whilst reduced skin shearing. No other cushioning system provides the hygiene of Stimulite with antimicrobial, allergen free, nontoxic, fire retardant, washable and 100% recyclable materials.

  • Handicare stairlifts
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    Handicare stairlifts

    Comfortable and trustworthy, for peace of mind at home. The worry of falls are no longer an issue – meaning you can continue using the stairs, accessing all of your home and living life on your terms.

  • Ottobock powerchairs
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    Ottobock powerchairs

    World-leading design, ultimate independence and support. Ottobock are one of the most respected manufacturers of assistive equipment that ensure everyone can enjoy life to the full. We are proud of our close, decades-long relationship with ottobock.

  • Klaxon Klick
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    Klaxon Klick

    Based in Austria, Klaxon designs a world-leading range of powered handbikes for wheelchair users. With an outstanding range for all lifestyles and terrains, Klaxon power add-ons click-on quickly and hence provide ultimate lifestyle flexibility. Built to last, this brand highlights our commitment to long term value.

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