Vector Rigid Frame Wheelchair

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All-rounder and faithful companion

The Vector from Recare is a strikingly lightweight and stable rigid frame wheelchair. This highly adaptable and durable wheelchair is built to meet the challenges of today’s demanding lifestyles and can ‘grow’ as user needs change.

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All-rounder and faithful companion

Refined over 30 years, the Vector by Sorg is a strikingly lightweight and stable rigid frame wheelchair from Recare – designed to meet a variety of everyday challenges.


  • Built individually according to your measurements and needs
  • The all-rounder from the SORG range of wheelchairs
  • Perfectly adapts to the therapeutic needs of every user – from childhood to adulthood
  • Abducted or straight frame
  • Individual adjustment for the seat unit without affecting the wheelbase
  • Stable and smooth handling with minimised effort
  • ‘Growable’ in three dimensions
  • Variable wheel camber

Individual in detail

The Vector by Sorg is one of the most adaptable wheelchairs on the market. It can be adjusted easily to perfectly meet the needs of every user whether needed for an active driver or as a wheelbase for a seat shell.

Adaptable design

Through a clever design that can be reconfigured, the seat depth, width and height can all be adjusted with specialist tools. 4cm, 5cm and 6cm can be added to the seat depth, width and height respectively. This additional space is ideal if you wish to add a seat shell.

Extremely durable

Vector is a unique and stable wheelchair with excellent features for strain-free self-propulsion or attendant pushing. It is ideal for both children and adults with disabilities weighing up to 120kg. The Vector’s adaptability comes from its flexible modular concept – a base that accommodates many additional components to meet changing user needs.

Therapeutical approach

The Vector wheelchair by Recare opens up new ways of exploring the environment in an active, independent way. It ensure all users can develop and define their own individuality.

Vector’s new frame concept is one of the most flexible and variable on the market. Whether you decide on a straight, abducent or an adducted frame, 26cm or 46cm seat width, activity chair or a base for a seat shell, Vector is designed to meet all your needs. Available in many colours, the Vector will suit all tastes and with a vast range of accessories and customised options, tailor-made designs are possible.

Wheelchair Options Available:

  • Firm aluminium seat plate
  • Anatomically formed seat and back parts
  • Different moulded backrest variations
  • Back adjustable in angle from 80 – 120° and easy to store
  • A variety of leg supports adjustable in height, depth and angle
  • Responsive drum brakes
  • Effective handrim covers and inlays
  • Push handle options
  • Safety wheels with foot control, adjustable in height
  • Choice in brake lever extensions
  • Single-hand aids and double handrims
  • Crutch holder and tipping lever
  • Therapy table options



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Technical Specifications

 VectorVector BSA
Seat Width10 - 18" | 26 - 46 cm12 - 18" | 30 - 46 cm
Seat Depth11 - 20" | 28 - 50 cm13 - 20" | 34 - 50 cm
Back Height10 - 20" | 25 - 50 cm12 - 20" | 30 - 50 cm
Maximum User Weight120 kg | 264 lbs120 kg | 264 lbs
Wheel Size20 - 26" | 51 - 66 cm22 - 26" | 56 - 66 cm
Caster Size4" | 10 cm
5" | 13 cm
5.5" | 14 cm
6" | 15 cm
7" | 18 cm
4" | 10 cm
5" | 13 cm
5.5" | 14 cm
6" | 15 cm
7" | 18 cm
Frame Abduction
Grow in;
Seat Width
Seat Depth
Seat Height
ISO 7176-19



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