We have an outstanding range of advanced wheelchair backrests that can be adapted to individual needs for ultimate comfort and improved posture

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    JAY Fit Backrest

    From £656.00
    The improved JAY Fit Wheelchair Back is a modular adjustable contour back, specially designed for children & young adults' needs.
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    JAY ZIP Children Backrest

    From £564.00
    The JAY® Zip™ is a lightweight, anti-microbial, adjustable back designed to provide posterior and mild lateral thoracic support for active kids!
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    JAY J3 Backrest

    From £582.00
    A series of new improvements to the JAY J3 backrest range makes this the most versatile JAY backrest to suit all shapes, sizes and lifestyles.
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    Permobil Acta-Embrace™ Back

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    For positioning, support, and pressure redistribution. The Acta-Embrace™ is ideal for a complex user who needs a truly custom fit.
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    Permobil Acta-Relief™

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    Even pressure along the entire back. It is designed to effortlessly adjust and bring comfort and support to the lower and upper thoracic regions.
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    Pressure Care Mapping Boditrak 2 Advanced Technology

    From £300.00
    Advanced personal seating pressure technology mapping in Recare's Complete Specialist Seating and Rehabilitation Clinic. One-to-one access to Expert Seating Professionals and Senior Complex Rehabilitation Consultants to find your seating solution.
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    ROHO AGILITY Max Contour

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    Deep contour back with independent, adjustable, lateral air pads for better positioning and comfort. AGILITY backs are quick to install
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    From £238.00 Excl. VAT
    Self-contained air cells in the ADAPTOR Pad can be used as an interface on virtually any flat or contoured surface to protect skin and soft tissues. Cut to fit various surface shapes
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    ADI Q-Back

    Quantum Rehab ADI Q-Back

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    The ADI Q-Back from Stealth Products, Inc. is available on TRU-Balance® 3 Seating Systems and is offered in three configurations.
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    JAY Easy

    From £308.00
    Combining a simple and elegant design with the revolutionary J3 technology. The JAY Easy is an easy to use solution for providing optimal spinal support, positioning and exceptional comfort.
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    JAY J3 Carbon Backrest

    From £696.00
    Ultra-lightweight and stylish backrest for active users, firm stabilising of the pelvis and lower spine to encourage an optimal spinal curve.
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    JAY Shape

    From £222.00
    Lightweight, foldable solution for fixed or semi-reducible spinal postures. Lateral supports maximise the benefit of the complex, non-symmetrical support surface.