Measuring leg height for a powerchair fitting

Impartial advice – Telephone us on 0330 3202495 or email

We have a friendly and caring team ready to help you. When you first contact us, our qualified assessors will listen to your needs and gather as much information as possible about your individual circumstances. These details will help us understand what products or services you might be looking for along with your aims and aspirations.

We will then organise a one-to-one assessment with a Recare Trusted Assessor who can either visit your home, organise a live video session or welcome you to one of our two equipment showrooms. During this assessment, our advisor will build upon the initial details you gave to compile a comprehensive recommendation for you.

assessing comfort and setup for a wheelchair user

Assessing your individual needs

A personalised assessment is vital for us to provide the most suitable product for you. The majority of equipment we provide needs to be individually specified and configured for your size, weight and support levels. We make sure this is exactly right through our assessment process.

Smaller, simpler products, such as aids for daily living, can be supplied without detailed assessment and purchased online. However, we always advise you talk to us first to check any product will help with what you would like to do.

Personalised assessments involve us gathering details on your mobility needs, medical condition and lifestyle, along with measurements to ensure a product precisely fits you. Our Assessors will evaluate the best solution for maximum independence and comfort. Your home and where you intend to use your equipment elsewhere, outdoors or at work, will be reviewed in relation to equipment suitability.

During the assessment at your home or our showroom, you will be able to try and test equipment such as a wheelchair, powerchair or hand-bike. Together, you and the Assessor will be able to see whether you are comfortable using equipment and it is easy to operate. Feeling confident and comfortable with any product you go on to own is vital. If you choose to visit one of our showrooms, you have the advantage of seeing one of the largest ranges of mobility equipment in the UK.

At this stage, there is absolutely no obligation to buy. This visit is to assess your needs and whether you like the product, not to sell you something. Our representatives are not salespeople, they are Trusted Assessors who only provide informed advice and information. They can answer any of your questions and always aim to be proactive in their support.

All pricing is transparent and upfront along with the comprehensive warranties we provide. This means you are always in control throughout the lifetime of your product – relaxed and without worry.


Fitting powerchair armrests to the seat frame

Repairs, aftercare, warranties, servicing and what we charge

We will look after you for the lifetime of your product. Recare is all about long term support that will meet changing needs, when you age or if your medical condition develops. We make sure you continue to enjoy life and achieve what you want.

What we charge

Equipment service at our technical centre in Oxfordshire

  • Standard manual wheelchair £40.00
  • Prescriptive manual wheelchair £85.00
  • Powered add-on £85.00
  • Non-prescriptive powerchair (standard) £85.00
  • Prescriptive powerchair (complex-high value) £160.00
  • Trekinetic GTE (Powered) £250.00
  • Mobility scooter £85.00
  • Rollator-walker £40.00

Onsite service charge*

  • Within Oxfordshire £120.00
  • Under 100 miles from Recare £160.00
  • Over 100 miles from Recare (and greater London) £200.00
  • Trekinetic GTE £250.00 Plus call-out

*Additional products are charged at £85.00 per product

Call-out charges Including 30 minutes onsite labour for repairs and breakdowns

  • Within Oxfordshire £100.00
  • Under  100 miles from Recare £140.00
  • Over 100 miles from Recare (and greater London) £180.00

Our standard labour charge is £80 per hour, charged in half hour increments.

Please note that if your equipment needs to be returned to our workshop for further analysis, we will apply a re-delivery charge amounting to 50% of the original call-out fee.

We also offer a stairlift removal and recycling service £240.00 inc VAT

Our caring advisors are always available to provide advice and guidance. We give comprehensive warranties so any issues are covered and our servicing team will keep your equipment working as it should do for many years to come. Repairs and maintenance of even the very latest hi-tech assistive equipment is our forte, we are truly specialists.


Woman trying out powerchair in showroom with an assessor

How to buy

Following your assessment, you are emailed a report with our findings and pricing for the product you are interested in purchasing. This is a comprehensive, yet straightforward document so you can clearly see what is being recommended. We then give you time to consider these details before telephoning you a few days later to check you have all the information needed.

Our advisors can answer any extra questions, organise changes to your quote or process your order.

Once you have placed your order, we will keep you informed all the way. Your product will be supplied by one of our manufacturers and when delivered to our headquarters, it will be rigorously checked. This is when our technical workshop gets involved to test everything is working and will build special adaptations if required.

Our team are super-reliable and attention to detail is always there. Once your equipment is ready for handover or installation, we will call you to arrange a convenient delivery time.

Making sure you are happy and confident with your new product is our number one priority during delivery. One of our trusted technicians or assessors will handover equipment with complete instructions and a reminder of how all controls work. They will not leave until you are completely satisfied and ready to start using your new equipment.

If products need to be installed in your home, such as a stairlift, we only use our own staff to fit equipment. They are all fully qualified and trained by our manufacturers so you can rest assured the end result will be just what you expected. Recare team members take pride in their professional and compassionate attitude.

A care worker helping man into bed

Working with your healthcare professional

We have vast experience of working alongside professionals so the best outcome is provided for you. Our team are ready to work with your Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist through to rehabilitation officer and expert witness/compensation claim manager.

We understand many of the challenges professionals face these days, whether in the public or private sector, so can help to reduce workload pressure by efficient communication and expert advice. Our CPD educational training programme for professionals adds to our unique level of service.

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