Positioning womans leg in wheelchair

How we support your everyday practice

Our clients always come first, 100%. However, the needs of healthcare professionals who support our end users are also a priority for us. We understand the many challenges faced by care providers, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and moving & handling practitioners and strive to solve public and private sector pressures.

Woman in wheelchair in office looking at wall monitor

Clinical assessments

Our clinical assessments and services perfectly complement the work of professionals, resulting in better benefits for customers through shared beliefs and knowledge. All recommendations and quotes are accessible and straightforward with all the information readily available at a professional’s fingertips. Additionally, we work closely with case managers, expert witnesses, local authorities, architects and specifiers, to name a few. In simple terms, any professional seeking the best for a client with disabilities.

CPD learning in classroom with wheelchairs

CPD educational programme

Strengthening our front-line services, we deliver a comprehensive CPD educational programme. We have the capacity to train onsite at our headquarters and via video conferencing, so professionals can gain the latest information to enhance everyday practice. Our online asset library continues to expand, and we actively encourage professionals to benefit from our CPD certificates. Whether hands-on workshops or theoretical sessions are required, we have the resources to support.