Vector BSA Rigid Frame Wheelchair

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Leading versatility

The Vector BSA from Recare is a rigid frame wheelchair with detachable leg supports and the option of an abducted frame. The Vector BSA is flexible and adaptable – ensuring the changing anatomical needs of a user are always met.

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Leading versatility

The Vector BSA from Recare is a rigid frame wheelchair suitable for a wide range of user needs – complete with detachable leg supports and an abducted frame.
The Vector BSA can be precisely configured to a user’s physiological possibilities as it’s independent to the chassis. The Vector BSA has a wide range of equipment features:

  • All-rounder of the SORG wheelchair family
  • Can be perfectly adapted to the therapeutic demands of each user, from childhood to adulthood
  • Seat widths: 30-46cm
  • Straight or abducted frames
  • Individual adjustment of the seat without affecting the wheelbase
  • Stable and smooth handling with minimal effort
  • ‘Growable’ in three dimensions
  • Variable wheel camber

Detachable leg support

The Vector BSA combines the features of a rigid frame wheelchair with the advantages of swing-away, detachable leg supports. This allows users to access tables and reach daily items more easily. Transfers in and out of the wheelchair are also safer and if users have some leg mobility, they can engage their feet on the floor for an active process. The leg supports also swing-up providing elevation to assist with circulation and pressure management.

‘Growable’ as standard

The Vector BSA is a future proofed wheelchair. It’s seat size can be expanded without buying additional parts – up to 4cm in width and depth and up to 5 cm in back height.

Precision settings

Similar to the Vector wheelchair, the Vector BSA has an impressive range of setting and accessories for tailor-made comfort and support.

Dimensions can be adapted to suit each user such as:
gripping point
arc of the driving wheels
seat position
seat angle
axle plate position
backrest angle
leg stretch angle and camber

All of these can be adjusted after purchase so and changing anatomical needs of the user can be met.

Therapeutical approach

The Vector BSA wheelchair by Recare opens up new ways of exploring the environment in an active, independent way. It ensure all users can develop and define their own individuality.

Vector’s new frame concept is one of the most flexible and variable on the market. Whether you decide on a straight or an adducted frame, 26cm or 46cm seat width, activity chair or a base for a seat shell, Vector is designed to meet all your needs. Available in many colours, the Vector will suit all tastes and with a vast range of accessories and customised options, tailor-made designs are possible.

The Vector BSA offers the full stability and sturdiness of a rigid frame wheelchair and all the advantages of detachable leg support. It’s your choice.

Wheelchair Options Available

  • Firm aluminium seat plate
  • Anatomically formed seat and back parts
  • Moulded firm back variations
  • Adjustable backrest angle: 80-120° – easy storage
  • Leg supports adjustable in height, depth and angle
  • Drum brakes
  • Castor equipment and track fixation
  • push handle variations
  • Safety wheels with foot control, adjustable in height
  • Choice in brake lever extensions
  • Single-hand aids and double handrims
  • Crutch holder and tipping lever
  • Choice in therapy tables



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Technical Specifications

 VectorVector BSA
Seat Width10 - 18" | 26 - 46 cm12 - 18" | 30 - 46 cm
Seat Depth11 - 20" | 28 - 50 cm13 - 20" | 34 - 50 cm
Back Height10 - 20" | 25 - 50 cm12 - 20" | 30 - 50 cm
Maximum User Weight120 kg | 264 lbs120 kg | 264 lbs
Wheel Size20 - 26" | 51 - 66 cm22 - 26" | 56 - 66 cm
Caster Size4" | 10 cm
5" | 13 cm
5.5" | 14 cm
6" | 15 cm
7" | 18 cm
4" | 10 cm
5" | 13 cm
5.5" | 14 cm
6" | 15 cm
7" | 18 cm
Frame Abduction
Grow in;
Seat Width
Seat Depth
Seat Height
ISO 7176-19



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