Beat the NHS from timescales to product quality and suitability, true independence is out there for children. With expertise and suitable product, children can customise develops their confidence and independence. Schooling, to playing with friends the right product can provide postural support, pressure care and upper body strength.

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    Invacare Action 3NG Wheelchair 1

    Invacare Action 3NG

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    A sleek and stylish chair for everyday use. A highly versatile design enables the wheelchair to be as modified as you need.
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    Ottobock BRAVOracer

    From £1,879.00
    Practical, compact all-rounder handles any everyday situation effortlessly and is easy to stow for transportation. Active wheelchair based on children's body and growth adapts to requirements.
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    Motion Composites Helio Kids – Carbon Fibre

    From £3,250.00
    Keep up with the active lives of children. Crash-Tested superior carbon-fibre design is incredibly light and improves everyday mobility while being exceptionally strong. Kids grow fast, the Helio Kids grows with them.
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    TiLite TWIST

    From £2,252.00
    Designed from the ground up for children, the TWIST encourages exploration, independence, and, yes, playfulness. TWIST grows with you!
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    Sunrise Medical Zippie Youngster 3

    From £2,197.00
    Designed for the unique needs of active kids, the Youngster 3 provides excellent manoeuvrability, good front stability and an exceptionally unique look.
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    Ki Mobility Little Wave Clik

    From £2,550.00
    Index System, intuitive adjustment design to provide accurate, easy growth.  A system so easy to adjust promotes proper positioning and wheel access, so your child gains active independence and mobility.
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    SORG Mio Carbon

    From £5,245.00
    Ultralight carbon child's wheelchair. The flexibility of the back system in optimum shoulder drive wheel position for fatigue-free propulsion.
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    Progeo Joker Junior 2.0

    From £2,350.00
    The lightness, adaptability and personalisation a child requires. Each detail is designed to enable the children to express their style.
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    Trekinetic K2 MKII – All-Terrain Wheelchair

    From £4,650.00
    One of the most advanced off-road manual wheelchairs available. The Trekinetic K2 off-road manual wheelchair is uniquely designed to fold down and fit into a small vehicle with minimal effort.
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    Progeo Junior Light

    From £1,600.00
    Includes standard some of the most important accessories, such as removable/swing-away footplates, push handles for the attendant, anti-tip wheels and Desk armrest.
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    SORG Vector Rigid Frame Wheelchair

    From £2,569.00
    Unique and stable wheelchair with excellent features for strain-free self-propulsion or attendant pushing. The Vector's adaptability comes from its flexible modular concept.
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    Progeo Exelle Junior

    From £2,050.00
    The active wheelchair for children, focuses attention on innovative design, on personalising the posture according to paediatric growth.
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    Ottobock Avantgarde 4

    From £1,936.00
    A high level of stability for active users. Thanks to its compact design and the integrated leg support the Avantgarde DS features the lowest net weight within the Avantgarde series.
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    SORG Jump Alpha

    From £2,399.00
    The inclusive allrounder. Reliable, Flexible, Versatile. Just like its user. New generation of foldable wheelchairs: minimised package size, optimised flexibility, and highest stability.
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    Ottobock Start M6 Junior

    From £729.00
    Lightweight children‘s wheelchair features accessories like the adult variants. A starting seat width of just 28 cm comes in bright, child-friendly colours.
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    SORG Mio

    From £2,645.00
    Growable in all dimensions clever and stylish optimised lightweight and compact construction design suitable for children from 12 months old.