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The seat shell base frame that grows with the patient

LoopSORG is a seat shell base frame that adapts easily to the rapid changes of its users and their care – and about size, therapy progress and changes of the symptoms.

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Individually manufactured according to your measurements and needs.

  • LoopSORG  is tiltable from -5° to +35° or from +2,5° to +40°
  • Parameters such as seat height, seat position/centre of gravity, a distance of foot plate/s etc. can be adjusted precisely to the user
  • LoopSORGhas a wide product range
  • LoopSORG stands for highest patient benefit and user-friendly handling in the best technical quality– made in Germany.
  • LoopSORG by Sorg is suitable for children, adolescents and adults


Each frame width can be enlarged by 4cm. The seat depth can be extended in all sizes up to 6 cm backward. And the position of the leg rest/s can be displaced forward up to 7 cm. Also, all measurements can be set precisely to the user. Thus, LoopSORG is a seat shell-base that can adjust over the years to the user, the therapy concept and of course, a new seat shell. And for children as well as for adolescents and adults.

Conversion artist

Loop can not only convert in the dimensions, but also with its wide product range. With this, it can be equipped for therapy measures and functions. Sorg’s modular assembly system makes this possible.

User friendly

The LoopSORG stands for an exact definable but adaptable therapy plan with the greatest possible patient use. Thanks to its polished concept, the thought-through details and the highest technical processing quality, it also allows for user-friendly handling.

Therapeutic Benefits

With LoopSORG, several impairments and dysfunctions can be compensated or also initialize and strengthen existing skills:

  • Through the seat tilt function and the back adjustment, the user notices a change in the spatial position that is fundamentally important for stimulating their metabolism and perception.
  • The easy change between a lean back and an upright position additionally causes a change in loading and relief of all muscle groups. As a result, the user is prevented from contractures and tonus dysfunctions such as spasms and relieved from pain and pressure caused by positioning. Bedsore prophylaxis can be achieved as well.
  • The intentionally applied constant change of position prevents a reflex overlap but compensates and reduces its consequences.
  • The muscular stimulation is accompanied by skeletal stabilization and strengthening that can stabilize existing scoliosis and, if necessary, even alleviate it.
  • At the same time, the muscular stimulation builds up successively the complete tonicity, particularly the tonicity of the upper extremities achieving in the best of cases a warily (re-)mobilization of the user (to the point of initiating activities walk after severe traumata).
  • Thus, daily tasks are considered feasible again, which can intend, initialize and build up an autonomous lifestyle.
  • All functions can be used with only one hand (tilt function, adjustment of the back angle, locking and unlocking the seat shell, adjustment of the leg support etc.). Thus, the auxiliary person can always use the other hand for helping and securing the user, which significantly facilitates the use in daily therapy routine.
  • The frequent change between an active and inactive position can be easily adapted to the individual needs of the user using and developing further their remaining functions.
  • The slight seat inclination to the front significantly facilitates the transfer in and out of the seat shell-base, provoking fewer spasms.


  • in paediatric and geriatric fields with all forms of therapy for changing the positioning of immobile or mobile persons and upright seating to the preservation and/or buildup of the remaining function autonomic nervous system and/or the complete cardiovascular system
  • for the stimulation and strengthening of the complete metabolism, the
  • in domestic and in-patient areas for the erection of patients from lying down

Product Options Available

  • closed frame
  • universal adapter for seat shells
  • second gas pressure spring for high load
  • leg support with undivided o divided footplates
  • leg support turnable outwards and removable and/or swivelling
  • multi-directional leg support, adjustable in all directions
  • lightweight wheels with drum brake, weight reduction of approx. 1.1 kg compared to standard drum brake wheels
  • different single-hand controls
  • hundreds of spoke cover designs
  • Outdoor-Front-End and much more



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Technical Specifications

 LoopLoop RS
Frame WidthSize 1: 12 - 16 | 30 - 42 cm
Size 2: 13 - 18" | 34 - 46 cm
Size 3: 15 - 21" | 38 - 50 cm
12 - 19" | 30 - 48 cm
Seat Depthfrom 13" | 32 cm13 - 20" | 34 - 50 cm
Back Height20" | 43 cm
23" | 58 cm
12" | 30 cm
24" | 60 cm
Maximum User Weight120 kg | 264 lbs120 kg | 264 lbs
Wheel Size20 - 26" | 51 - 66 cm22 - 26" | 56 - 66 cm
Caster Size5" | 13 cm
5.5" | 14 cm
6" | 15 cm
7" | 18 cm
5" | 13 cm
5.5" | 14 cm
6" | 15 cm
7" | 18 cm
Grow in;
Seat Width
Seat Depth
Seat Height
ISO 7176-19
Frame Abduction



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