Ottobock Avantgarde 4

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Making every day easier with the Ottobock Avantgarde 4

In the case of the Avantgarde 4, it has been designed to be considerably lighter. With different models available – without giving up what‘s been tried and tested. Additional features mean your Avantgarde wheelchair better supports your daily routine.


Lightweight folding wheelchair Ottobock Avantgarde 4 made for you!

Proven features made it even better.

The Ottobock Avantgarde 4 wheelchair that‘s all about you.

When choosing a wheelchair, you want to be certain that your requirements and preferences are considered. Here it is guided to help you optimise your new everyday companion.

In addition to our 17 attractive colours, a wide range of rear-wheel settings are ready to meet your specific requirements. You also get to decide whether the side panels of your Avantgarde will be made of carbon fibre. Call our team or visit our contact page to book your free-of-charge assessment to discuss Avantgarde‘s specific combination options and the suitability of the respective models for new or experienced wheelchair users.

The travel companion

Avantgarde 4 DS

Besides its low weight, the DS model with fixed leg support stands out for its small folding size of 27 centimetres. At the same time, it offers a high level of stability for active users. Thanks to its compact design and integrated leg support, the Avantgarde DS features the lowest net weight within the Avantgarde series.

The variable version

Avantgarde 4 DV

The new Avantgarde DV impresses with its lightweight, but this doesn‘t mean it‘s lost any of its proven advantages. Users like the new DV‘s height-adjustable armrest and the option of driving up close to objects such as furniture, the barbeque, or the bath. The leg supports can be folded in for this purpose. It is also suitable for stroke patients when the leg supports are removed, which is done with a new type of lever.

The lightest version

Avantgarde CLT package

For users who find that lightweight still isn‘t light enough, the additional option of a CLT package offers an ultralight version of the Avantgarde wheelchair for active use. More weight is saved here thanks to the simple CLT crossbrace, permanently welded components like the rear wheel adapter and push handles, lighter seat and back upholstery, carbon side panels and Infinity Ultralight rims. At just 8.7 kilogrammes, we‘re confident this dream version of the Avantgarde will excel in any everyday challenge.

Rear-wheel adapter

84 individual adjustment options

The rear wheel adapter with double screw clamps on the upper and lower tube frame allows for not only a high degree of stability but also 84 different positions of the rear wheel adapter for maximum adaptation.

Front-wheel adapter

Facilitating directional stability

Adjustable in fixed steps, the front wheel adapter ensures the front wheels’ exact positioning, resulting in good directional stability of your chair.
Discrepancies between the front wheels are no longer an issue.

Back pocket

Perfect storage for bits and pieces

Especially in the summer, you may need extra room to stow away your sunglasses or a cold drink. Considering that, we have added a pleasant-looking back pocket to the Avantgarde that is not only easily accessible but also easy to seal with a magnetic lock.

Single cross brace

The load capacity of 100 kg, despite weight reduction

The single cross brace is a weight saver introducing the Avantgarde CLT package. The double cross-brace with a load capacity of 140 kg is still available.

Small folding size

The Avantgarde stands out for its minimal folding size. Straight leg supports further reduce the folding size by a significant amount.

How do you find a wheelchair suitable for you?

Contact us! You can’t beat our expertise and knowledge in individual products; our speciality is finding the right product for you! We don’t carry out assessments intending to supply the most expensive wheelchairs or powered wheelchairs.

Recare is highly recommended due to our unique specialist in a family-run business ethos of sourcing the product that fits your needs and maximises your quality of life, a wheelchair that means you can do as much as possible.

What do all the wheelchair options mean?

See the Recare Manual Wheelchair Guide to learn more about the wheelchair options available.




Technical Specifications

Avantgarde Technical Specifications

Seat width13 - 20" | 32 - 50 cm
Seat depth14 - 20" | 36 - 52 cm
Front seat height15 - 22" | 39 - 55 cm
Rear seat height14 - 20" | 36 - 51 cm
Back height10 - 20" | 25 - 50 cm
Lower leg length6 - 20" | 16 - 51 cm
Overall length28 - 41" | 72 - 104 cm
Overall width19 - 28.5" | 49 - 73 cm
Overall height23 - 43" | 58 - 110 cm
Folding sizefrom 10" | 26 cm
Max. load capacity140 kg | 309 lbs
WeightFrom 8.7 kg | 19 lbs



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