Active Folding Wheelchair

Our advanced brands from world-class manufacturers deliver the best of both worlds – compact storage flexibility and solid, efficient propulsion

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    Invacare Action 3NG Wheelchair 1

    Invacare Action 3NG

    From £641.00£1,096.00 Excl. VAT
    A sleek and stylish chair for everyday use. A highly versatile design enables the wheelchair to be as modified as you need.
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    Invacare Action 5NG Folding Manual Self Propel Wheelchair 2

    Invacare Action 5 Rigid & Folding

    From £1,288.00 Excl. VAT
    Extremely compact when folded with a unique H-shaped folding mechanism and backrest that folds directly onto the seat. Step-less adjustments can be made whilst the individual remains in the chair.
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    Zenit Ottobock Lightweight Manual Wheelchair 2

    Ottobock Zenit Wheelchair

    From £3,084.00£5,116.00 Excl. VAT
    The Ottobock Zenit is an ultra-lightweight modern manual wheelchair with the option of being a folding or rigid wheelchair.
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    Motion Composites MOVE

    From £1,335.00
    The latest technology in a standard wheelchair will enhance your daily life with superior-quality parts for unrivalled toughness and performance.
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    Quickie Life Folding

    From £1,695.00 Excl. VAT
    Available as a fixed front or swing-away caters for several needs and requirements in a foldable wheelchair. The Life F utilises a long-established design that provides a robust wheelchair and energy-efficient setup.
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    Motion Composites Veloce Elite Carbon Fibre Wheelchair

    From £4,150.00
    Elite high-performance folding wheelchair which surpasses all expectations of rigidity from a wheelchair. Innovative design and carbon fibre construction, lightweight folding wheelchair that truly performs like a rigid chair.
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    Ottobock Avantgarde 4

    From £2,215.00
    A high level of stability for active users. Thanks to its compact design and the integrated leg support the Avantgarde DS features the lowest net weight within the Avantgarde series.
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    Motion Composites | HelioC2

    Motion Composites HELIO C2

    From £3,395.00
    One of the lightest, technologically advanced wheelchairs, revolutionary components, impeccable finish, and carbon fibre advantages.
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    Motion Composites HELIO A6

    From £2,035.00
    HELIO A6 folding wheelchair of efficiency and durability. Boasting avant-garde design and advanced technology, sturdiness and performance.
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    Motion Composites HELIO A7

    From £2,250.00
    Agile, adjustable crash-tested wheelchair, propulsion to take you further. Technology and high-performance aluminium unparalleled movement and lightness.
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    Quickie Krypton F

    From £4,250.00 Excl. VAT
    QUICKIE Krypton F can fold horizontally for a more COMPACT transportation size. The folding cross-brace is our most advanced cross brace and is extremely lightweight.
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    Quickie Neon 2

    From £2,050.00 Excl. VAT
    Personality and style, the lightweight and affordable Neon² folding wheelchair prove that you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a first-class ride. With a sleek, effortlessly foldable open-frame.
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    Progeo Ego

    From £4,064.00
    Innovative easy-to-use system and unbeatable rigidness for an extremely light folding wheelchair. Ultra-light aluminium alloy or carbon fibre elliptical frame tubes, minimum encumbrance…a few of TOP model’s features.
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    COMPACT 2.0_Kuschall_Manual_Wheelchair_11

    Küschall Compact 2.0

    From £2,025.00
    Traditional style cross folding wheelchair in the range. Built with a difference. Unique design of cross brace for effortless folding built-in rigidity, energy-efficient, light to propel, comparable to a rigid wheelchair.
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    Catalyst 5-Ki Mobility-Rigid-Wheelchair-5

    Ki Mobility Catalyst 5

    From £2,150.00 Excl. VAT
    Catalyst 5, has since redefined the ultra-lightweight folding market by raising the bar in weight, performance, durability and functionality.
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    SORG Jump Alpha

    From £2,399.00
    The inclusive allrounder. Reliable, Flexible, Versatile. Just like its user. New generation of foldable wheelchairs: minimised package size, optimised flexibility, and highest stability.