Paediatrics deserve powered independence with a product suitable for their needs. Allow children to develop their maturity and responsibility, and awareness of their surroundings. With the capability of additional attending control, you can assist your child whilst safely boosting their future mobility and quality of life.

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    Esprit Action Transportable Powerchair 2

    Invacare Esprit Action powerchair

    From £3,706.00 Excl. VAT
    This lightweight, foldable powerchair offers a perfect combination of a technologically advanced power chair design.
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    Permobil K300 PS Junior Powerchair 2

    Permobil K300 PS Junior

    From £6,254.00 Excl. VAT
    Enables children to have their personalised powerchair to enjoy joining in all the fun. Allows for the child's growth. Electric seat lift and tilt function available.
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    Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1 Mini

    From £4,995.00 Excl. VAT
    Instinctive, simple and easy to drive. Encourage children’s independence, help social development. Refit to a new wheelchair as your child grows.
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    From £6,750.00
    The ultra-narrow powerchair for teenagers on the go (and on the grow!)
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    Q300 M Mini KIDS Zippie Sunrise Medical Powerchair 1

    Zippie Q300 M Mini KIDS

    From £6,750.00
    The ultra-narrow mid wheel drive powerchair that's designed for growing children.
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    Karma Kameleon

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    Paediatric powered wheelchair offering full power functions, including power tilt, lift and elevating legrest. It also offers a wide range of adjustments.
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    Mountain Trike eTrike – All Terrain Wheelchair

    From £7,895.00
    The eTrike - an electric assist all terrain wheelchair. Perfect for those who would like some assistance to travel off road or active users who want to go further, faster or tackle more challenging terrain
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    Trekinetic GTE MKII – All-Terrain Powerchair

    From £11,295.00
    Trekinetic GTE is an ultra-light, all-terrain powerchair like no other. Utilising cutting-edge Formula 1 technology, the GTE was designed as an everyday powerchair that pushes the limits of what a wheelchair should be capable of.
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    Quantum Edge 3 Stretto

    From £5,140.00
    Narrow width for outstanding manoeuvrability and competitive range, making it the perfect indoor and outdoor chair with a driving distance of up to 20 miles.
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    Quantum Rehab Sparky

    From £3,475.00
    Paediatric powerchair a competitive driving distance range of 32 km / 20 miles. Designed to deliver full rehab capability in a compact, powerful paediatric package.
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    Ottobock Skippi Powerchair

    From £5,499.00
    A power wheelchair that gives children independence in their everyday life. In addition to other optional power functions, the seat lift enables this child to be at eye level with their friends and family.
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    SANGO slimline SEGO junior

    Dietz Power SANGO slimline SEGO junior

    From £6,495.00
    Users who do not weigh much are often of a slender build too. In such cases, standard wheelchairs offer insufficient support. SANGO slimline SEGO junior (up to 75 kg) may be the ideal solution.
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    SANGO advanced SEGO junior

    Dietz Power SANGO advanced SEGO junior

    From £6,495.00
    Children also have to cope with reduced mobility. A powered wheelchair offering comfort and excellent driving characteristics.
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    Optimus 2 RS

    Meyra Optimus 2 RS

    From £7,145.00 Excl. VAT
    King of the Off-Road! Ultimate off-road companion, ride in comfort and safety across many terrains such as dirt, snow or sand with manoeuvrability.