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Kameleon Leon F empowers and socialises children at every stage of their lifestyle. Independent mobility plays a vital role in the early stages of mental growth. The Karma Mobility Kameleon is a paediatric power wheelchair designed to safely support kids through this transition.

It is the only power wheelchair on the market to provide full power functions, including power tilt, lift, and elevating legrest. It also offers a wide range of adjustments.

It is tailored to fit the need of children aged from 3 to 12 years old.


Full Power Functions

It is the only power wheelchair on the market to provide full power functions, including power tilt, lift, and elevating legrest. It also offers a wide range of adjustments.

Kameleon paediatric powered wheelchair by Karma Mobility with development supported modular design to empower and enable socialisation of children.

Optimal Back Support

professionals can adjust every back panel into a position best fitted to the child. Besides the curved panel, Kameleon children’s power wheelchair also provides a flat standard panel as an option.

Power Seat Tilt

If your child needs help changing their position, Kameleon paediatric powerchair is your preferred choice. It provides power-tilt from 0 to 45 degrees, completely redistributing and relieving pressure.

This feature also aids stability and good posture while driving, making the ride safer and more comfortable.

Power Lifting

Every child should have the powerlifting function built into their power chair. It allows children to have eye-level interactions with their peers, crucial to developing self-confidence.

Powerlifting also helps children overcome unfriendly environments, such as bookshelves, supporting them to learn and play like their peers.

Behind the Design

“The design concept behind the cushions is Lego bricks. One day I saw therapists using towels to stack on the chair. I started to think about why towels are needed to achieve the right seating position? With the team, we decided to design a seat that has a built-in supporting system that could build like Legos.”

Multi-Adjustable Headrest

The height, angle, and curvature of the headrest are adjustable and help ease the pressure on the head and shoulders. You can add an additional rail to increase the horizontal range of adjustment.

Quick-Release Seat

The quick-release mechanism can help the caregiver to transport the wheelchair. The service provider can also change the seat to another chassis easily if need be.

Grow The Kameleon Powerchair With Your Child

Adjustability plays a crucial role in children’s wheelchairs. The Kameleon offers 10-12 inches adjustments of the seat width and 11-14 inches of depth. Accommodate a child from 4 to 12 years old using its development in design and product adaptability. It is one of the most cost-effective paediatric chairs on the market.

Seating in Abduction

It is hard for anyone to sit with their knees together for more than a couple of minutes. By spreading the legs naturally, we can widen up the pelvic base of support, improving sitting stability. The abducted seating of the Kameleon helps children to support their legs and remain in their ideal natural sitting position.

Customise Configured Seat Wedge

Every child has different ways of sitting. The design of the paediatric Kameleon seat pan accommodates any customised seat wedge that a seating professional might recommend to the child using the powerchair. By inserting wedges under the cushion of the Kameleon, the therapist can trial and error until finding the right one for the child.

Rear Basket

Crash Test Approved Children’s Power Wheelchair

Kameleon is certified for transportation in accordance with ISO 7176-19. Kameleon certified for crash testing means it is suitable for transportation use as a seat in a motor vehicle.

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Karma Mobility


Technical Specifications

Leon F KameleonSIZE 1SIZE 2
Maximum user weight57 kg | 126 lbs57 kg | 126 lbs
Seat angle-3°-3°
Power seat tilt-3 - 42°-3 - 42°
Seat depth10 - 16" | 25 - 40 cm12 - 18" | 31 - 45 cm
Seat width10 - 12" | 25 - 30 cm14 - 16" | 35 - 40 cm
Seat surface height20" | 50 cm20" | 50 cm
Power seat lift20 - 32" | 50 - 80 cm20 - 32" | 50 - 80 cm
Backrest angle-3°-3°
Backrest recline adjustment-3 - 48°-3 - 48°
Seat to backrest angle91 - 142°91 - 142°
Backrest height15 - 23 | 38 - 57 cm18 - 26" | 46 - 65 cm
Leg to seat angle89°89°
Manual legrest elevation89 - 172°89 - 172°
Power elevating legrest84 - 140°84 - 140°
Footrest length8 - 17" | 20 - 42 cm8 - 17" | 20 - 42 cm
Armrest height5 - 9" | 12 - 22 cm9 - 13" | 23 - 33 cm
Maximum speed4 mph | 6 kph
7 mph | 12 kph
4 mph | 6 kph
7 mph | 12 kph
Product Weight196 kg | 433 lbs196 kg | 433 lbs
Obstacle climbing2" | 5 cm2" | 5 cm
Minimum turning circle26" | 66 cm26" | 66 cm
Overall length with legrest43 - 50" | 109 - 126 cm43 - 50" | 109 - 126 cm
Overall width24.5" | 62 cm24.5" | 62 cm
Overall height30 - 33" | 76 - 82 cm30 - 33" | 76 - 82 cm
Folded length40" | 101 cm40" | 101 cm
Folded width24.5" | 62 cm24.5" | 62 cm
Folded height30 - 33" | 76 - 82 cm30 - 33" | 76 - 82 cm
Batteries50 Ah
80 Ah
50 Ah
80 Ah
Maximum range46 km | 28 miles46 km | 28 miles
Colours availableYellow
Rose Red
Diamond Black
Rose Red
Diamond Black



User Manual


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