Mountain Trike eTrike – All Terrain Wheelchair

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The eTrike – an electric assist all terrain wheelchair. 

Perfect for those who would like some assistance to travel off road or active users who want to go further, faster or tackle more challenging terrain.

The eTrike electric assist all terrain powered wheelchair

Suitable for a wide range of users – those who would like some assistance to travel off road or active users who want to go further, faster or tackle more challenging terrain.

The eTrike compliments our existing range of Trikes, ideal for everyday outdoor use whether it be on muddy woodland trail, a trip to the shops, a walk in the park.

  1. Manually by pushing the drive levers allowing the rider to have clean, dry hands whatever the weather.
  2. Power assist by using the twist throttle or thumb throttle.
  3. Hybrid by pushing drive levers and twisting throttle simultaneously.

This revolutionary all terrain wheelchair allows you the ability to combine manual power with electric assist as and when you want.

The distance range will depend on conditions, user weight, speed and terrain, but as a rough guide between 8 and 20 miles.

All Mountain Trike products come with a 3 year warranty and a wide selection of colour choices.


Twist grip or thumb lever. Simple and easy to use, adaptable for different users needs such as those with the use of one arm or who have less strength or limited wrist movement.

Motor/Battery Power Assist System

250W, 36V Hub Motor with 5 power settings from full power (level 5) to 50% power (level 1) offering a maximum speed of 8mph. Battery 12.8Ah, 36V lithium Ion battery which includes main charger.


LCD screen with speed, distance, average speed, max speed and power settings.

Direct Steering

The unique direct drive steering means that you can steer and drive the Trike with only one arm, leaving a spare hand for… holding hands, using the phone, walking the dog or even holding a coffee! The steering gives excellent control for smooth turns and an easy ride across slopes.

Air Suspension

Gives you a smooth and comfortable ride when riding over rough terrain, rocks and tree roots or dropping off curbs, riding over cobbles with confidence knowing that the Trike is highly stable.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Gives you great control and braking in all weather, over difficult ground and steep hills. Adaptable and adjustable just for you!


What are all the powered wheelchair functions? What do YOU need in your powered wheelchair?

Learn more about powerchair functions and options with Recare’s Powered Wheelchair Selection Guide


Mountain Trike

Technical Specifications

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