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The Skippi Plus power wheelchair with a lift seat gives children with severe disabilities a measure of independence.

Your child gains mobility, moves about independently and explores the world with other children. Since the wheelchair is so narrow and manoeuvrable, your child can explore every corner – even in close quarters. You can take the Skippi Plus apart in just a few steps for transport, and it fits into the boot of a compact car. Time to embark on a journey of discovery. Many details can be individually adapted to your child’s requirements

We install a suitable control device such as special and environmental controls according to the child’s abilities. The enAble 50 control device’s three power options for adjusting the seat increase comfort during sitting. Optimal adaptation to body height with adjustable seat depth and width and leg position and angle.


Fully customisable

The Ottobock Skippi Children’s powered wheelchair is equipped with the proven drive concept of the Ottobock A200 Powered Wheelchair. You can adjust the seat width, depth, leg position, and angle individually. The telescoping leg support fixtures can also be changed. These options have the advantage that the Ottobock Skippi Children’s powered wheelchair can grow with the child. In daily use, parents can adjust the seat and the backrest to their child’s requirements – from an upright seating position so that the child is well-positioned to take in their environment to a rest position for relaxation.

Designed for you

Ottobock Skippi Children’s powered wheelchair offers various reasonable possibilities thanks to its many configuration options. The child is optimally supported and promoted. For example, the Ottobock Skippi Children’s powered wheelchair can be equipped with optional electric or mechanical seat tilting, electric back angle adjustment, support person control, therapy table, and seat pan adapter. Various footrests and head support systems can also be easily installed or added. Ottobock Skippi Children’s powered wheelchair can also be supplied with lighting upon request so that the wheelchair can be operated outside.

What are all the powered wheelchair functions? What do YOU need in your powered wheelchair?

Learn more about powerchair functions and options with Recare’s Powered Wheelchair Selection Guide




Technical Specifications

Skippi Technical Specifications

Max. speed3.7 mph | 6 kph
Battery capacity32 Ah
Distance rangeapprox. 30 km | 18.6 miles
Max. load capacity50 kg | 110 lbs
Empty weight68 kg | 150 lbs
Max. obstacle height2" | 5 cm
Overall width23" | 57 cm
Overall length (without legrests)28" | 70 cm
Overall length
(with legrests)
34" | 85 cm
Turning radius22" | 55 cm
Seat height17" | 43 cm
Seat width10 - 15" | 26 - 38 cm
Seat depth12 - 15" | 30 - 37 cm
Standard seat inclination-9° | 3° | 12°
Continuous seat inclination0° - 25°
Armrest height 6 - 11" | 16 - 27 cm
Back height14 - 18" | 35 - 46 cm
Back width12" | 30 cm
Back angle0 - 25°
Lower leg length4 - 10" | 11 - 26 cm
Frame coloursYellow | Blue | Red



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