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The ultra-slim powerchair that you won’t grow out of.

We combined all of the Q300 M Mini’s manoeuvrability and performance with growth-adjustable seating to create a powerchair to keep up with teenagers – both in size and pace! With a max. User weight of 120 kg, you can go where others can’t with its compact 520 mm width and 1120 mm turning circle. Keep safe and stable outdoors with our patented all-wheel suspension.

You can even climb kerbs of up to 70 mm (with 14″ drive wheels) and travel up to 36 km! And with super-strong 4-pole motors powering your way, you won’t have to worry about tricky terrain. Packed with plenty of powered and styling options, this is a powerchair that’ll align with your personality!

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Compact space? Hello, mid-wheel drive base!

From cluttered classrooms to hectic hallways, the Q300 M Mini Teens is so ridiculously compact and manoeuvrable it’ll easily fit into your daily life (not the other way around).

TRUE Mid-Wheel-Drive Technology

TRUE mid-wheel-drive is when the powerchair’s drive wheels are aligned central to its length. If positioned towards the front or rear, the turning circle is wider (as there’s more of the powerchair to swing around). There’s also less weight on the drive wheel, reducing traction. THANKS TO ITS TRUE MID-WHEEL DRIVE DESIGN, the Q300 M Mini Teens provides the most compact turning circle with increased traction.

Tiny 1120 mm Turning Circle

Thanks to its TRUE mid-wheel-drive technology, the Q300 M Mini Teens turns on the spot for an ultra-small turning circle of just 1120 mm. In comparison, RWD and FWD powerchairs need to ‘swing’ around on their front or rear drive wheels, so the turning circle is wider.

Short 1060 mm Base Length

At just 1060 mm in length (with centre-mount legrest), the Q300 M Mini Teens conveniently fits in and out of the smallest lifts and tight spaces with ease. It’s also light enough (from 103 kg) to be compatible with most floor lifts too.

Easy Transfers

Are you struggling with transfers? Available with a variety of swing-away legrests, armrests and controllers, the Q300 M Mini Teens will give you the extra space to get closer to objects like tables and chairs.

BIG chair performance (minus the big!)

Narrow and nimble in a crowded city and packing plenty of outdoor features, this is one compact, mid-wheel drive powerchair that’s streets ahead of the competition!

Anti-Pitch Technology

Traditionally when a powerchair comes to a halt on a slope, the stopping motion will jolt you forwards. That’s a problem we’ve eliminated with Anti-Pitch technology – so you’re kept safe and stable in your seat.

All-Wheel Independent Suspension

Our PATENTED all-wheel independent suspension ensures all six wheels remain on the ground whilst climbing and transitioning obstacles. The wheel’s suspension absorbs any shocks or bumps, providing a soft and smooth ride.

Climb Kerbs of up to 70 mm

Don’t you hate it when there’s no drop-kerb in sight? Thankfully the Q300 M Mini Teens, with its 300 mm (12 “) drive wheels, can handle kerbs of up to 50 mm, so there’s no need to take the long way round. Need to handle something a bit trickier? Upgrade to 355 mm (14 “) drive wheels and tackle kerbs of up to 70 mm.

Powered by punchy 56 Ah batteries, the Q300 M Mini Teens takes you anywhere you want to go with an impressive range of up to 36 km.

Seating that grows with you.

Growing up doesn’t mean outgrowing your powerchair. We’ve designed this seating system, so you never have to fear those growth spurts. Adjustable by width (280-400 mm) and depth (410-560 mm), it’s ideal for those requiring a narrow seat width but greater adjustments over time.

Z-Finity Footplates

Adjustable between 16 cm above the seat pan to 48 cm below, these footplates support growing young children’s needs. It is infinitely adjustable along its rotational arc, multiple angles, and placement options for positioning the feet, ankles, and knees can be achieved.

Capsulated Joystick

Optional joystick mount has 3 locking positions. It can be mounted mid-line for teenagers who have limited hand mobility and can also swing inwards and outwards to help you get closer to tables.

Designed to grow with you. Express your personality!

You’ll be sitting pretty with 12 fresh shroud designs! Co-ordinate or contrast them with 7 accent colours for the wheel and castors to get the perfect mix.

C-Me – Elevate Your Seat Lift and Drive

Learn more about the C-Me feature on your QUICKIE Q-Series powerchair Seat Lift with full suspension.

What are all the powered wheelchair functions? What do YOU need in your powered wheelchair?

Learn more about powerchair functions and options with Recare’s Powered Wheelchair Selection Guide


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Technical Specifications

Kids Teens
Seat width11 - 16” | 28 - 40 cm11 - 16” | 28 - 40 cm
Seat depth10 - 16” | 26 - 40 cm14 - 20” | 36 - 50 cm
Seat height16 - 19” | 41 - 47 cm16 - 19” | 41 - 47 cm
Back height15 - 20” | 38.5 - 51 cm15 - 20” | 38.5 - 51 cm
Lower leg length7 - 20” | 18 - 51 cm7 - 20” | 18 - 51 cm
Powered tilt0 - 50°
0 - 30°
-5 - 25°
0 - 50°
0 - 30°
-5 - 25°
Total width20.5" | 52 cm20.5" | 52 cm
Total length
(with centre-mount)
42" | 106 cm42" | 106 cm
Turning circle44" | 112 cm44" | 112 cm
Maximum safe slope
Maximum kerb climbing
12“ drive wheels2" | 5 cm2" | 5cm
14“ drive wheels3" | 7 cm3" | 7cm
Maximum range
(ISO 7176-4)
41 Ah batteries25 km | 15.5 miles25 km | 15.5 miles
56 Ah batteries36 km | 22 miles36 km | 22 miles
Product weight
(with batteries)
103 kg | 227 lbs103 kg | 227 lbs
Maximum user weight 75 kg | 165 lbs120 kg | 264 lbs
Drive wheels12" | 30.5 cm
14" | 35.5 cm
12" | 30.5 cm
14" | 35.5 cm
Maximum speed4 mph | 6 kph
5 mph | 8 kph
6 mph | 10 kph
4 mph | 6 kph
5 mph | 8 kph
6 mph | 10 kph
Battery size41 Ah
50 Ah
56 Ah
41 Ah
50 Ah
56 Ah

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