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Ottobock Wingus innovative cantilever frame powerchair offers a high level of driving comfort

A sit-and-drive power wheelchair with a rear-wheel-drive that is equally suited for indoor and outdoor use. This compact, manoeuvrable entry-level model features an innovative cantilever frame offering a high level of driving comfort. The Wingus combines reliable functionality with an appealing, minimalist design.


Functional, simplistic, transportable and comfortable meet design!

The Ottobock Wingus powerchair is a sit-and-drive power wheelchair with a rear-wheel-drive suited for indoor and outdoor use. This compact entry-level model features a unique cantilever frame offering a high level of driving comfort. The Wingus combines reliable functionality with an appealing, minimalist design.

High ride comfort

The innovative cantilever design of this frame gives you an extremely comfortable ride.

Batteries and motors

Batteries and motors allow you to travel approximately 25km distance with one charge.

Flip-up armrests

With the armrests flipped back, it allows transfer in and out of the wheelchair easy. With the swing-away control panel holder option get closer to tables and surfaces!

Adjustable seat depth

Having the seat depth adjustable ensures that the minimalistic electric wheelchair design can be tailored to your specification.

Puncture-proof tyres

A well-engineered powered wheelchair, available in the UK that you no longer need to worry about having a flat tyre!

Adjustable footplate

The height adjustability of the footplate allows great comfort with this wheelchair. With an optional positioning belt to keep your feet in place.

Headrest support mounting kit

You need a lightweight, transportable powerchair crash-tested. When you need to be transported in your powered wheelchair in a car, ambulance or wheelchair-accessible vehicle on Motability, you can with the Ottobock Wingus a few options including head support.

Splash guard for drive wheels

Parallel swing-away joystick

Positioning belts for feet

Electric lighting

Small storage bag underneath the seating area

Crutch holder


Pocket for mobile phone

What are all the powered wheelchair functions? What do YOU need in your powered wheelchair?

Learn more about powerchair functions and options with Recare’s Powered Wheelchair Selection Guide




Additional information

Speed Maximum (mph)

Technical Specifications

Wingus Technical Specifications

Application class B Indoor / outdoor use
Seat width 16 - 24" | 40 - 60 cm
Seat depth 15 - 19" | 38 - 48 cm
Front seat height 20" | 50 cm
Overall length41" | 105 cm
Overall width 23" | 58 cm
Back support height 22" | 55 cm
Back support angle 0° | 10° | 20°
Lower leg length15 - 19" | 38 - 48 cm
Driving distance range 25 km | 15.5 miles
Max. obstacle negotiation capacity 2" | 5 cm
Nominal climbing ability 7° (12%)
Max. load 120 kg | 265 lbs
Weight57 kg | 126 lbs



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