Transportable Powerchairs

Easy to use, ergonomic and technologically advanced are only three of the many ways you can describe our standard and transportable powerchairs.

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    Esprit Action Transportable Powerchair 2

    Invacare Esprit Action power wheelchair

    From £3,598.00 Excl. VAT
    This lightweight, foldable powerchair offers a perfect combination of a technologically advanced power chair design.
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    Benoit-Light Drive2.1-Wheelchair-Power-Add-On-10

    Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1

    From £4,995.00
    Lightweight power add-on turns manual wheelchairs into ultralight powered wheelchairs. Attached and detached in seconds, compact and easily transportable in any vehicle.
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    Freedom Chair A08

    From £2,300.00
    Freedom Chairs can be fitted with multiple batteries, doubling or even tripling the range up to 27 miles! Seat Elevation Kit comfortably raises or lowers the user leaving or entering the chair
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    Ottobock Wingus Powerchair

    Ottobock Wingus

    From £2,487.00
    Sit-and-drive compact entry-level powerchair unique cantilever frame, high level of driving comfort. Reliable functionality, appealing, minimalist design.
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    Freedom Chair A06

    From £2,200.00
    Compact folding powerchair for indoor and outdoor users up to 17 stone. Dual battery capacity for 18 mile range.
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    Freedom Chair A06L

    From £2,400.00
    A compact folding power chair for indoor and outdoor users up to 17 stone. Dual battery capacity for an 18-mile range.
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    Freedom Chair A08L

    From £2,500.00
    Ideal for tall users. Works well indoors and out. This powerchair, equipped with air-filled rear wheels and powerful motors. Seat Elevation Kit comfortably raises or lowers the user leaving or entering the chair
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    Freedom Chair DE08L

    From £2,700.00
    Separates into 2 sections, heaviest part just 15.5kg. The sturdiness of FreedomChairs allows active users up to 160 kilograms to drive on uneven surfaces
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    Hybrid S1 Scooter Folding Transportable FreedomChair 1

    Freedom Chair Hybrid S1 Scooter

    From £2,950.00
    Unique Hybrid Power Scooter. Compact & Foldable But With The Power To Take You Places! Stable, Robust, Less Weight And Foldable than scooters.
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    Sale! Sunrise_Medical_Q100R_1

    Sunrise Medical Quickie Q100 R

    From £3,135.00
    An ultra-compact (54cm) rear-wheel-drive combines brilliant indoor agility with great outdoor performance.
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    Ottobock A200

    From £3,154.00
    The high-quality transportable power wheelchair offers many adjustment options and can be adapted precisely to your personal requirements.
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    Pride Mobility Go-Chair

    From £2,195.00 Excl. VAT
    Enhanced performance and comfort, with 5 piece disassembly, allows you to enjoy lightweight travel and independence. Weight capacity of 21 stone 6 lbs and a sleek, bold look.
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    iGo Lite

    Pride Mobility iGo Lite

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    Sleek, practical, and ultra-lightweight. The iGo Lite is crafted from Carbon Fibre and weighs only 19.8 kg making it our lightest powered chair yet!
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    Sale! iGo+

    Pride Mobility iGO+

    From £1,970.00 Excl. VAT
    Fold in just a few simple steps for effortless transport, making travelling a breeze. Unfold and travel with the iGo+.
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    Quickie Q50 R

    From £2,660.00
    Folding powerchair, compact indoor driving and easy storage. Energy-efficient motors, dual suspension, and its 50km range.
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    Rascal Rialto

    Electric Mobility Rascal Rialto

    From £2,309.00 Excl. VAT
    An excellent personal transport proposition bridging the gap between high-end and basic powerchairs. Crash Test Approved.