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The Q200 R is the next level power wheelchair

Perfect for outdoor use whilst still providing a great indoor solution. The Q200 provides greater stability to prevent tipping and is ideal for the taller and larger user, with a max. Weight of 136kg.  Using the Q200 R, it’s no uphill struggle. 

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The ultra-compact indoor/outdoor entry-level powerchair.

QUICKIE Q200 R uses an innovative testing method called SMART base technology. This helped us understand how geometry changes to a drive base can affect performance, creating a precision-measured TRUE indoor/outdoor powerchair.

From SMART base development, the Q200 R powerchair boasts a small footprint of 580 mm wide and 1070 mm long, with a 1700 mm turning circle, so navigating even the tightest of spaces is a breeze.

Going out? The QUICKIE Q200 R by Sunrise Medical is a step up from the Q100 R in terms of outdoor performance.  The Q200 provides greater stability to prevent tipping and is ideal for the taller and larger user, with a max. Weight of 136kg.  Using the Q200 R, it’s no uphill struggle. With its larger castor wheels, it can tackle any open-air terrain.  The Q200 R provides excellent outdoor performance as it easily manoeuvres through uneven and hilly territory with the ability to tackle hills of up to 8 degrees.

Unbelievably light at 98 kg with a fold-down back, the Q200 R is also easy to hoist in and out of your car.

Smart base technology

All indoor/outdoor powered wheelchairs face the same problem… we solved SMART BASE Technology.

Our vision was to create a TRUE indoor/outdoor powerchair with super-tight indoor manoeuvrability and no compromises on outdoor stability and performance. But how do you design such a finely balanced powerchair?

A large drive-base means difficulty when manoeuvring in tight environments. Too small, and it becomes tippy with a loss of traction. With SMART Base Technology, we were able to test 100‘s configurations to find the perfect combination.

The result is the QUICKIE Q200 R. A legitimately compact entry-level powerchair delivers the very best traction, stability and even the ability to climb kerbs of up to 100 mm (4“).


Popping out? The Q200 R is just as at home inside and out. Painstakingly researched, its compact dimensions provide highly deceptive traction and stability over various terrains, hills and even when tackling kerbs. With a longer length of 1070mm, 580mm width and sporting bigger 14” drive wheels and 9” castors, the Q200 R provides greater stability and traction than its little brother. Its rugged exterior and extra-muscle come in useful when riding over uneven terrain.

Need little assistance climbing obstacles? The Q200 R’s low-impact kerb climber will tackle kerbs of up to 100 mm (4“) at low speed and even from a standing start (so your seated position will be maintained whilst transitioning up the kerb).

Indoor/outdoor powerchairs don‘t traditionally cope well with steep gradients, which we solved with SMART Base Technology. Precision-testing determined that a 1070 mm base length on the Q200R provides the best stability to prevent tipping and keep you safe – even when travelling up hills of 8 degrees.

SMART base technology helped calculate the dimensions for a compact base and the ideal seated position to maximise traction between the drive-wheel and the ground. Combined with the Q200 R drive-wheel suspension, you‘ll enjoy the safe, smooth and responsive ride that‘s normally expected from a larger powerchair.

Powered by punchy 55Ah batteries, the Q200 R electric wheelchair loves a spin around town and longer city trips, as well as tackling more challenging or hilly terrain. With the stamina to go up to 31 km (19 miles) on a single charge, you‘ll have plenty of time to stop off for other adventures along the way.

The Q200 R powerchair weighs a trim 98 kg so that it can be hoisted in and out of your vehicle with ease. Worried about space? With a fully fold-down back and removable legrests/armrests, it‘ll fit snugly in most cars or nicely store away at home.

Primed for public transport, the intuitive Q200 R powered wheelchair is so compact and manoeuvrable, getting on-and-off trams, buses, and trains is a breeze. Prefer to travel by car? The Q200 R can be compactly stored in the boot or used as a seat whilst travelling.

What are all the powered wheelchair functions? What do YOU need in your powered wheelchair?

Learn more about powerchair functions and options with Recare’s Powered Wheelchair Selection Guide



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Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical-Logo

Technical Specifications

Width21" | 58 cm
Length42" | 107 cm
Seat Width15" - 19" | 38 - 49 cm
Seat Height17.5" | 45 cm
19" | 49 cm
Seat Depth16" - 20" | 41 - 51 cm
Seat Tilt0° - 6°
Backrest Height20" | 50 cm
Backrest Recline
0° | 4° | 8° | 12°
Turning Radius33.5" | 85 cm
Max. Range19 miles | 31 km
Speed4 mph | 6 kph
Batteries55 Ah
Maximum Safe Slope
Max Kerb Climb3" - 4" | 7 - 10 cm
Min. Weight
98 kg | 216 lbs
(incl. batteries)
Maximum User Weight136 kg | 300 lbs
Crash TestedYES (ISO 7176-19)



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