Vicair AllRounder O2

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Active as you are, not all of your activities require or allow the use of a wheelchair. In these situations, the activity cushion Vicair AllRounder O2 keeps you comfortable and helps to protect your skin. As it is easily buckled onto your body, it follows you wherever you go.


Explore your possibilities

Allrounder O2 Sports Vicair Pressure Relieving Wheelchair Seating Cushion Invacare 1

Optimal temperature and moisture regulation

Fully machine washable

Stays with you during activities outside of the wheelchair

Allrounder O2 Sports Vicair Pressure Relieving Wheelchair Seating Cushion Invacare 7

Skin protection

Extremely light to support optimal mobility

Feel protected and secure during your sports- and outdoor activities when you sit in a normal chair, on any hard surface, or play on the ground.

Allrounder O2 Sports Vicair Pressure Relieving Wheelchair Seating Cushion Invacare 6

Afterwards, you can put the entire Vicair AllRounder O2 in the washing machine to clean it up and make it ready for your next adventure together. Experience the freedom!

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Choose the right size

The activity cushion Vicair AllRounder O2 is available in three sizes: small, medium and large, with an average weight of only 800 grams.

Measure the width of your hips to check which size matches the size of your body.

When seated, hold a tape measure horizontally above the widest point of your upper legs, closely against the front of your hips.

Do not follow your leg contours. Keep the tape measure straight.

Measure from A to B (or B to A). Choose the larger size if the measured size is in between two sizes.

Small < 38 cm / < 15 inch
Medium 38 – 42,5 cm / 15- 16¾ inch
Large 43 – 48 cm / 17 – 19 inch





Vicair offer a range of wheelchair cushions which redistribute pressure and reduce shear, with each model providing varying degrees of positioning capabilities. Unlike inflatable air cushions, if one or more air cells were to fail, your skin integrity won't be compromised. A Vicair wheelchair cushion contains hundreds of SmartCells which ultimately provides a reliable solution.

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