Supracor Stimulite Adjustable Contoured Cushion

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Excellent positioning and superior pressure management

Stimulite Contoured Cushion maintains all its features with the new ability to be customised for the user’s changing physical and functional needs. The Stimulite Adjustable Contoured Cushion provides unique pressure care solutions for your individual needs.

NHS clients or enquiries for special cut sizing (12″ – 22″) available, contact us by email for the latest pricelist.

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Supracor’s Stimulite Adjustable Contoured Cushion

The next generation of the popular Stimulite Contoured Cushion maintains its features with the new ability to be customised for changing physical and functional needs.

The Stimulite Adjustable Contoured Cushion provides excellent positioning and superior pressure management. The multi-layered honeycomb is shaped into a subtle contour and specially engineered with soft and firm areas. A rear dish provides optimal pelvic positioning for improved posture and stability.

An adjustment cavity at the bottom of the cushion

Allows the user or caregiver to easily customise the cushion by selecting multiple Stimulite honeycomb inserts that vary in softness. The softer insert allows for more immersion as compared to the firmer inserts. Removing the inserts altogether provides additional relief to users with bony protuberances. In addition to adjusting the cushion’s immersion, skin protection, and positioning properties, You can also use the bottom insert layer to address other positioning needs, such as pelvic obliquities.

The Stimulite Adjustable Contoured Cushion weighs just over 3 pounds.

The Stimulite Adjustable Contoured Cushion is available in width and depth sizes ranging from 14 to 22 inches.

Machine washable and dryer safe.

Looking for a new cover or accessories for your cushion?

Stimulite® On Top Cushion Cover

Don’t yet have a Stimulite cushion?

Just put Stimulite on top of your current cushion, and like magic, your cushion will now breathe to control heat and moisture. This removable cover features a 3/4-inch thick layer of Stimulite honeycomb that fits over any cushion. Machine washable.

Stimulite® Sheepskin Cushion Cover

Supracor’s breathable cushion cover

The specialist cushion cover features 100% natural sheepskin on top. Able to stretch in multiple directions, this soft sheepskin cover prevents hammocking and is naturally breathable and odour resistant. Available as an option for all Stimulite cushions. Machine washable.

Stimulite® Outdoor Cushion Cover

Made of a durable, black power mesh fabric.

Supracor’s breathable outdoor cover features side vents and a slip-resistant bottom to meet the rigorous demands of sports, camping and everyday use. Machine washable and dryer safe.

Stimulite® Waterproof Cushion Cover

Your Stimulite slick, stretch nylon waterproof cover

This will keep your cushion dry in the rain, pool, or shower and is impervious to bodily fluids. Fits over any cushion. Machine washable and dryer safe.

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Weight 3 kg


Supracor Stimulite

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Total Pressure Management®

A soft, flexible form of aerospace honeycomb with “memory”.

The Stimulite cushion structure and materials take the memory away from dense memory foam and aerate your skin, comfort, and positioning all year round.

Stimulite is lightweight and distributes weight uniformly across its surface to relieve pressure.

When sitting on any Supracor Stimulite honeycomb structure cushion, the compressed cells radiate outwards to surround and support varied unique anatomy, self-adjusting to each individual while providing excellent stability. A unique ventilation system made up of tiny perforations in the cell walls allows air to circulate horizontally and vertically, creating an ideal microclimate for long-term sitting comfort.

Supracor Stimulite cushioning provides Total Pressure Management®.

As its name implies, the “footprint” of the flexible Stimulite honeycomb cells stimulates capillary action to enhance circulation, combating the numbness that can occur when sitting for long durations.

The washing machine and the entire cushion routinely maintain the longevity of the Supracor Stimulite cushion is unbeatable!

Unique Stimulite honeycomb structure bounces back to form with the routine recommended wash in your standard washing machine. Unlike any other cushion material washing, the Stimulite cushions themselves only improve by your washing machine and rapidly dries when hung up to dry.

Extremely hygienic and safe for the home and environment.

The Stimulite honeycomb is antimicrobial, allergen-free, non-toxic, fire retardant, recommended machine washable, and 100% recyclable.

Total Pressure Management®

Maceration Resistance

Skin maceration softens the skin due to continual exposure to heat and bodily fluids or moisture. Severely softened or macerated skin is less tolerant of pressure and can lead to a breakdown. Stimulite® honeycomb is perforated, enabling air to circulate and moisture to evaporate, which helps maintain skin integrity and keep the body at ambient temperature. Our Stimulite products are machine washable and dryer safe, making it easy to maintain good skin hygiene.

Pressure Relief plus Positioning

Honeycomb’s cellular structure provides uniform load distribution and extraordinary comfort. Stimulite honeycomb relieves pressure by distributing it away from hot spots. As a result, bony protuberances “feel” the same pressure as the surrounding anatomy. The honeycomb cells conform to body shape and distribute weight over a much wider area than conventional foam, gel, and air products. Additionally, the Stimulite honeycomb stabilizes any position due to the axial buttressing of the honeycomb cell walls perpendicular to the anatomy. The honeycomb cells flex and compress with movement as an added health benefit, stimulating blood flow to enhance circulation.

Shear Force Reduction

The horizontal stiffness of a material determines both its shear resistance and stability. Too much stiffness increases shear forces, while too little decreases stability. Stimulite honeycomb minimizes shearing without sacrificing stability. The honeycomb cells align themselves axially to the body, flex with movement to reduce shear forces against the skin and then instantaneously resume their original shape.



Clinical Guidelines - Adjustable Contoured Cushion Inserts


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