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Compact Childrens Powered Wheelchair Add-On Handbike

The reduced frame makes it very compact and manageable for children’s wheelchairs, ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Triride specifically for Kids

regulated 540w motor power

12 Inch Wheel

Battery range up to 40 Km*

Triride for the little ones derived from the Base model.

The 12″ wheel and the reduced frame make it very compact and manageable, ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces. It has a maximum power of 540W limited and is controlled with electronics Made in Triride. Versatile, lightweight, weighs just over 7.5 kg and ranges up to 40 km on flat roads.

Different colours are available. There are several optional accessories.

Triride, inventing the modern electric propulsion device for manual wheelchairs, has produced a revolutionary turning point in the world of mobility aids for people with disabilities. The ability to travel dozens of kilometres independently with your wheelchair on all types of routes, even the most demanding and off-road.

Triride is versatile and lightweight, with an attractive design and incredible agility and speed. There is no barrier for Triride, gravel roads and strong slopes are easy to cover.

Aeroplane Travel Certified

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Triride Logo

Technical Specifications

Motor540w Triride Electronics
Wheel12" | 30.5 cm
Strengthened aluminium rim
Battery rangeup to 25 Miles | 40 km
Weight7.5 Kg | 16.5 lbs
Tire selectionCity | Cross
BrakeElectronic powerful disc brake
Battery36ah Lithium-ion
No “memory effect”
FrameStainless steel
Speed5 Speed levels compliant with legal standards
Features Reverse
Cruise Control
Assisted Load
Patented model and registered trademark

Triride Characteristics

Electronic braking

Electronic braking as std or upgrade to the ultimate braking experience with IBS Intelligent Braking System.

Reverse Gear

Reverse gear for manoeuvring in those tight spots.

Cruise Control

Cruise control as standard or upgrade the ACC adaptive cruise control for additional driving comfort.

Electronic-assisted lifting

Power-assisted lifting mode for attaching, no strength required to lift your caster off the ground.

Two Driving Modes

Two driving modes, normal and sport selectable, at the flick of a switch because not all situations are the same.

5 Speeds levels

5 programmed speed modes to meet legal requirements and allow you to choose your max speed.

Regenerative charge system

Regen braking to recharge your battery when braking or going downhill with ACC.

Tight Turning Radius

180-degree steering input range for moving around in the most compact of spaces



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