Wheelchair Add-On Handbike

Do you want the independence of a powerchair without compromise of manoeuvrability, transportability or freedom of your manual wheelchair? With an array of styles and functions to suit most wheelchairs, you independently clip onto your wheelchair and your mobile in no time. Suitable for different settings and environments and, thanks to its small turning radius, it is easily manoeuvrable in small places.

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    Klaxon Twist

    From £4,595.00
    Quick and easy to connect thanks to Klaxon® Linking System suitable for all wheelchairs
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    Triride Kids Model

    From £3,495.00
    The reduced frame makes it very compact and manageable for children's wheelchairs, ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces.
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    Triride Mad Max

    From £5,600.00
    Unrivalled climbing abilities, combine it with the double battery option, and then you have a range of 80km on a single charge.
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    Triride T-ROCKS

    From £5,995.00
    It knows no obstacles for the Off-Road enthusiasts! Give the range to satisfy your freedom and desire beyond all limits.
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    Triride Special HP16

    From £4,895.00
    Guarantee the highest performance and the most demanding users. Perfect for challenging situations, well suited for the demanding user.
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    Triride Special L14

    From £4,750.00
    Essential for the larger or more adventurous users and all those looking for the top of the range. Perfect for dealing with the most challenging situations.
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    Triride TriBike Manual

    From £2,750.00
    Compact and easy to handle, with Triride mounting technology. Racing pedals and handles, adjustable pedal position.
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    Triride TriBike E-Plus Hybrid

    From £4,500.00
    Freedom to adventure thanks to assisted pedalling. Its weight of only 12.5Kg and Its agility provides a range of up to 100 km.
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    Triride Light

    From £3,495.00
    Perfect for interior spaces, matchless in outdoor spaces, allowing unique freedom of movement, unapproachable by other devices.
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    Triride Folding Model

    From £3,650.00
    The most compact Triride model, with the folding stem. For your travelling needs.
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    Triride Special Light Model

    From £4,295.00
    More power, advanced electronics. Versatile, lightweight, speed, it ensures high performance, suitable for all the different situations.
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    Klaxon Klick Electric Monster Power Handbike

    From £5,395.00
    The largest and most powerful wheelchair add-on powered handbike for pure adrenaline off-road driving, handling all-terrains with ease.
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    Triride Special Compact HT – High Torque

    From £4,650.00
    The real climber faces the most demanding slopes, with high torque even at low rpm and a large traction force.
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    Klaxon Klick Power

    From £4,495.00
    Intelligent Cruise Control, Electronic Brake System, Reverse gear, Double mapping: “Sport” and “Comfort”.
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    Klaxon Klick Race

    From £4,695.00
    Power up your manual wheelchair with this high-performance handbike. Enjoy the benefits of a lightweight and compact design.
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    Sunrise Medical EMPULSE F55

    From £2,995.00 Excl. VAT
    The F55 gives you the freedom and confidence to travel further, faster, and longer without worrying about the physical effort.