Wheelchair Add-On

You can adapt your child’s wheelchair in seconds without affecting its manoeuvrability at all. Whether it is rigid, folding, tilt-in-space, you can add a removable power add-on device to adapt it whilst maintaining its transportability. You don’t have to adjust to a full powerchair option whilst keeping their mobility and independence.

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    Benoit Systemes Light Assist 2.1

    From £4,500.00 Excl. VAT
    Effortless pushing of the wheelchair for the attendant! Efficient and safe manoeuvres. Speed control makes journeys together easier.
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    Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1 Mini

    From £4,995.00
    Instinctive, simple and easy to drive. Encourage children’s independence, help social development. Refit to a new wheelchair as your child grows.
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    Triride Kids Model

    From £3,250.00
    The reduced frame makes it very compact and manageable for children's wheelchairs, ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces.
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    Triride TriBike

    From £2,590.00
    Compact and easy to handle, with Triride mounting technology. Racing pedals and handles, adjustable pedal position.
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    Klaxon Klick Mini | Klick Mini Carbon

    From £3,300.00
    The ultra-compact folding manual wheelchair add-on handbike, ready to go in seconds. Easily transportable by aeroplane or other transport.
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    Single Wheel Solo Powerpack wheelchair TGA Mobility 2

    TGA Mobility SOLO Wheelchair Powerpack

    From £599.00 Excl. VAT
    Entry level, single wheel version for less frequent use and less challenging terrain: - 18st weight capacity - Fast to fit, quick to remove - Range up to 10 miles
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    Attitude Manual

    QUICKIE Attitude Manual

    From £3,560.00
    Designed for improving your strength, stamina and cardio through recreational cycling. Ultra-lightweight to match the performance.
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    Attitude Power

    QUICKIE Attitude Power

    From £4,994.00
    100 % powered propulsion from the comfort of your wheelchair. Relieving the strain on your upper body, there’s no need to worry about hill inclines or travelling distance.
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    Twin Wheel Duo Powerpack wheelchair TGA Mobility 1

    TGA Mobility DUO Wheelchair Powerpack

    From £799.00 Excl. VAT
    The twin-wheel version ideal for propelling most manual wheelchairs: - 18 stone Maximum Weight - 4 mph Maximum Speed - 10 miles Range
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    Rehasense Track Wheel

    From £499.00£599.00 Excl. VAT
    Transform your manual folding or rigid wheelchairs with Track-Wheel convert to an all-terrain tri-wheel to experience freedom mobility without changing your wheelchair.