Rehasense Track Wheel

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Transform your wheelchair and experience a new sense of speed and freedom! The outdoor front-wheel companion is ultra-light, easy to attach and comfortable. The rolling resistance is noticeably reduced, enjoy more speed, comfort and manoeuvrability.

Do You Want Your Wheelchair Ready To Explore Freedom?

Transform your wheelchair into a sporty tricycle and experience a new sense of speed and freedom!

The outdoor front-wheel TRACK WHEEL is the ideal companion for excursions in the city, in the forest or on the beach: ultra-light, easy to attach and comfortable.

Are you ready for your next outdoor adventure?

Explore the outdoors without changing your wheelchair, experience crossing bumpy roads in the city, rolling over cycling and hiking trails, or exploring rough nature trails. The Outdoor Front Wheel TRACK WHEEL means your wheelchair can now move effortlessly on a wide range of terrains.

Thanks to the 12″ TRACK WHEEL

The castor wheels are raised, and the wheelchair is tilted slightly backwards. The rolling resistance is noticeably reduced.

Do you want to increase your wheelchair’s speed, comfort and manoeuvrability?

Thanks to the Track-Wheel, you can increase speed, comfort, and manoeuvrability without changing your current wheelchair.

If adjusted correctly when fitted onto your manual wheelchair, the Track-Wheel device can be fastened within a few seconds!

Experience a New Sense Of Freedom Made For Outdoor Adventures!

Single-Arm Track-Wheel

The TRACK WHEEL is attached to the rigid footplate of the wheelchair. After assembly, you do not need any tools or an additional bracket for docking.

Thanks to the ultra-light carbon fibre design, the weight of the TRACK WHEEL is only 2.6 kg with a size of 12 inches. The lightest on the market!

Attach your Track-Wheel add-on device to your wheelchair in seconds and enjoy your freedom!

Double Arm Track-Wheel

The TRACK WHEEL was developed for folding wheelchairs with fixed integrated footrests. The double-arm Track-Wheel is equipped with double clamping.

The ultra-light carbon fibre design of the TRACK WHEEL add-on weighs just 4.5 kg.

The lightest on the market! Thanks to the universally adjustable clamping device, you can enjoy maximum flexibility. Experience your newfound freedom!

Can you convert your wheelchair into a versatile three-wheel product?

YES, Convert your manual wheelchair into something capable of overcoming far more!

Easier to navigate kerbs and rough roads.

An extra wheel on your manual wheelchair reduces your rigid or manual wheelchair’s rolling resistance.

Suitable for fitting rigid and folding wheelchairs. The Track-Wheel wheelchair add-on is adjustable to fit many sizes.

Double Arm – Clamp to anterior side frames on folding chairs.

Single Arm – Fit to rigid footplate designs for rigid chairs.

Personalise your Track-Wheel’s construction. Personalise your Track-Wheel model choice available in aluminium or carbon fibre composite materials.

Ergonomic elegant design contributes to making life and mobility improvements with aesthetics.

Roll up to Lift – The track Wheel pivots around front to back, to lift the castors off the ground.

The Track-Wheel Wheelchair Add-On At A Glance

High comfort

Large 12-inch wheel with pneumatic tyres and anti-flutter fork

Enjoyable driving experience even on bumpy roads

Versatile fitting solutions

For rigid and foldable wheelchairs, adjustable to many sizes

Single Arm

Transform your manual rigid wheelchairs to an all-terrain tri-wheel for you to experience the freedom of your mobility without changing your wheelchair.

Double Arm

Transform your manual foldable wheelchairs with fixed integrated footrests to an all-terrain tri-wheel for you to experience the freedom of your mobility without changing your wheelchair.

Ultrafast docking system



Technical Specifications

Single Arm Carbon FibreDouble Arm Carbon Fibre
Total Length26.4" | 67 cm22.5" | 57 cm
Total Width3.2" | 8cm9.9" | 25 cm
Total Height14.2" | 36 cm17.4" | 44 cm
Total Weight2 kg | 4.4 lbs4.7 kg | 10.4 lbs
Wheel Size12" | 30.5 cm12" | 30.5 cm
Air Pressure in Tyre
Angle Adjustment Range
(for wheelchair legrest angle)
75° - 95°60° - 110°
Width Adjustment Range
N/A11.8" | 30 cm
Height Adjustment Range
N/A2" | 5cm
Maximum Weight Limit140 kg | 309 lbs140 kg | 309 lbs



User Manual


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