Permobil SmartDrive MX2+

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Lightweight, power add-on user assist for wheelchairs anywhere where it is hard to push.

Reduces the number of times you have to push in a day. This helps reduce fatigue and pain and move independently.


Increase your independence

SmartDrive is lightweight. User operated power add-on for all wheelchairs allows you to go up hills and ramps, over thick carpet, long distances, and essentially, anywhere where it is hard to push. SmartDrive greatly reduces the number of times you have to push in a day. This helps reduce fatigue and pain in the shoulders and arms, so you can get out and about more independently.

It is simple and intuitive to operate with the help of the PushTracker BLUETOOTH® wristband.

Double-tap to start. You can start from a dead stop or activate SmartDrive in mid-roll.

As ingle tap at coasting speed maintains the speed you are at – no need to push.

When you are ready to stop, double-tap again and brake with your hands.


“I can do more and not limit my life because I don’t have to worry as much about whether I’ll have the strength and energy to push through the whole day. I can carry things, like a shopping bag, and not have to think about how I’m going to propel the chair. SmartDrive gives you the energy to do more – which means you get to experience more in life.”
Chelsea Smith, Nashville, USA

Keeping You Healthy

Research shows that many manual wheelchair users experience upper extremity pain. SmartDrive helps you stay healthy with the user to assist wheelchair power add-on protecting your shoulders from wear and tear caused by long-time, repetitive propulsion and reducing RSI risk (repetitive strain injury) on your elbows and wrists.

The Smartdrive MX2 is light and compact. It can be easily mounted or removed. No need for unnecessary transfers or lifting. These things save your energy for the important activities of your daily life.

Wheelchair Compatibility

The MX2+ is compatible with any manufacturer’s rigid or folding frame manual wheelchair for 14 to 150 kg users. It can be mounted to any class of wheelchair, including rigid, folding, standing chairs and tilt in space.

8x Stronger Bluetooth Connection

The PushTracker E2 has an 8x more reliable Bluetooth connection, and the hardware is designed to meet your daily demands.


SwitchControl gives users another programmable option for controlling their SmartDrive. SmartDrive by TiLite, Permobil can be engaged for a momentary burst of power or activated in a latched mode for consistent power over extended distances with a button. This empowers more diverse people to experience SmartDrive with increased confidence. It also works as a shut-off switch while the motor is running. When touched, the motor will disengage, and the user stops by grabbing the wheels.

Original PushTracker™

Also available with the original PushTracker, should you prefer. The PushTracker wristband senses your movements to control your SmartDrive effortlessly. It also tracks and displays daily activity -including push count, coast time and more.

PushTracker App

The PushTracker App provides even more information and power add-on manual wheelchair assist individualisation. Everything seamlessly connects to give you a complete picture of activity, helping you monitor habits and reduce injury.

User assist wheelchair power add-on is ready to go out of the box

Get your SmartDrive wheelchair power add-on rolling in minutes with preinstalled apps. No Wi-Fi or phone is required.






Technical Specifications

Range19.8 km | 12 miles
Maximum speed6 kph | 3.7 mph
Maximum accelerationup to 0.6m/s2
Motor power250W
Motor voltage36V
User weight range14 - 150 kg | 31 - 331 lbs
Total weight6.1 kg | 13.4 lbs
Overall length15" | 39 cm
Overall width5.5" | 14 cm
Overall height9.5" | 24 cm
Motor unit weight5.7 kg | 12.6 lbs
Contained battery typeLithium-Ion
Wheelchair frame fitRigid
One-Arm Drive
Wheelchair drive wheel diameter20 - 23" | 50 - 59 cm
Folding frame attachment distance8 - 21" | 21 - 53 cm

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SmartDrive MX2+ | PushTracker E2 User Manual


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