Ki Mobility Spark

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A unique paediatric wheelchair.

Spark is designed to be used with virtually any clinically prescribed seating system. With the clean, ergonomic, easy-to-release latch, the chair folds into a tiny package and opens again with a snap. A subtle unique frame extender to keep the frame shorter and stronger while allowing for up to 4″ of depth adjustability when you need it.


Form Adds Function

The unique contour of the Ki Mobility Spark’s backrest increases the useable depth of the seating system by allowing the seat to move underneath the back by an extra 2″. This innovative design also comes with 32° of built-in angle adjustability and the ability to change the depth by 4″, in 1″ increments.

Easier On The Eye

The Spark by Ki Mobility uses an aesthetically pleasing frame extender to keep the frame shorter and stronger while allowing for up to 4″ of depth adjustability when you need it. This keeps the frame manageable for the user of the tilt-in-space wheelchair and the attendant assisting the Spark, and the specialist seating the user.

Simplicity Is Catching

With the clean, ergonomic, easy-to-release latch, the chair folds up into a tiny package and opens again with a snap.



The Flip-Up arm adjusts an angle, height, and length, giving unmatched flexibility when setting up a seating system.

Front Frame Styles

Spark offers the option of a swing-away front end featuring our patented footrests or 70° or 80° fixed frames.  The swing-away hangers come in 4 bends (60, 70, 80 & 90), are light and easy to use, and are so strong we offer a lifetime warranty.

90° Extended Length Hanger

The 90° hanger has been redesigned to allow for very short lengths. With a minimum footrest length of 3 3/4″ and adjustability in 1/2″ increments, the best hanger in the industry works great for kids!

Maxx Performance Spoke

Maxx Performance is our new spoke wheel that offers performance and style without a high price tag. It features eighteen radial spokes and a high flange hub, resulting in increased rigidity for a more responsive, better-performing wheel. The heightened level of responsiveness combined with a lightweight design gives the rider the most from every push. It was constructed with a 6061 series aluminium rim and straight steel spokes with a durable black satin finish for a look and feel of anything but standard.

How do you find a wheelchair suitable for you?

Contact us! You honestly can’t beat our expertise and knowledge in individual products and our speciality is finding the right product for you! We don’t carry out assessments intending to supply the most expensive wheelchairs or powered wheelchairs.

Recare is highly recommended due to our unique specialist in a family-run business ethos of sourcing the product that fits your needs and maximises your quality of life, a wheelchair that means you can do as much as possible.

What do all the wheelchair options mean?

See the Recare Manual Wheelchair Guide to learn more about the wheelchair options available.


Ki Mobility


Technical Specifications

Transport Weight7.9 kg | 17.5 lbs.
Standard Weight8.6 kg | 19 lbs.
Seat Width10 - 16" | 25 - 41 cm
Seat Depth12 - 18" | 31 - 46 cm
Front Seat Height13 - 21" | 33 - 53 cm
Rear Seat Height11 - 18.5" | 28 - 47 cm
Camber0° | 2° | 4°
Weight Capacity76 kg | 168 lbs.
Top Frame Tubing Size1" | 2.5 cm
Bottom Frame Tubing Size1.12" | 2.9 cm



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