Mio Move Active Wheelchair For Children

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The tilting, active wheelchair for children

The Mio from Recare is a leading wheelchair choice that combines the unique benefits of an active design with tilting. This rare combination can be vital for body-motoric development from an early age.

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The Mio Move wheelchair from Recare is a tilting active wheelchair for individual paediatric needs.

The Mio delivers:

  • The perfect combination of an active and tilting wheelchair for children and adolescents, starting at 12 months
  • Allows easy change between active and passive use
  • Available with a standard seat width of 20cm/seat depth of 18cm
  • Supports user development with an upright stance
  • Growth adjustability in three dimensions
  • Seat-back unit tilts manually from -5° to 35° (in the physiological turning point)
  • Adjustable back angle from 78° – 126°
  • Backrest fold downs flat

New tilting, greater lifestyle flexibility

Children want to and should discover their world actively. Apart from the positive effects of self-mobility for the body and mind, social and emotional skills also benefit.

To ensure this is a reality, the Mio incorporates a new mechanical system for tilting. This means all active features of the Mio are retained along with a tilting option. The therapeutic idea behind this is that in the Mio Move, a child can independently switch between being active and resting without delay and the need to always ask for help.

Active wheelchair and rehab stroller in one

Mobility is an essential part of our nature, and non-impaired children develop their own, first crawling and then walking, personalities.  If this process is delayed or doesn’t occur at all, it is the job of the parents and therapists to enable mobility for the child. With the Mio Move children’s wheelchair, we have been able to combine an active wheelchair with a passive stroller.

Rest or play fast

The Mio Move is the ideal solution for a controlled switch from a passiveness stroller to an active wheelchair – ensuring rest, play and inclusion are all maximised.

Therapeutical approach

The concept of an active wheelchair is to develop mobilisation of children and adolescents with disabilities in a steady and progressive manner. In an active wheelchair that tilts, a child can change between active and passive phases at their own pace. With this, the risk of excessive demand is prevented, and the excitement dealing with mobility stays.

In addition, through the adjustability of back and seat angle, metabolism, cardiovascular system, breathing and sensory integration (perception) can be stimulated as a whole. Plus a child can enhance their gross and fine motor skills. The approach of combining wheelchair with stroller is a proven approach to accelerating paediatric development.

Therapeutic benefits:

  • For all therapy forms to preserve and/or build-up mobility
  • For all therapy forms used for positioning (also to build up seat shells)
  • For the preservation, buildup and activation of the complete tonicity and/or single muscle groups
  • To stimulate/strengthen the complete metabolism,  vegetative nervous system, breathing and the complete cardio-vascular system
  • To build up and stabilize the sensory integration (perception)
  • For the reactivation after severe (intracranial) traumata
  • For building up and strengthening of the whole skeleton
  • To slow down or limit scoliotic processes as well as the stabilization of scoliosis
  • For the regulation of all forms of dyskinesia
  • With all stable or progressive dystrophic or atrophic changes of the musculature
  • With all forms of paresis and/or neuromuscular diseases
  • With one-sided dominance

Wheelchair Options Available:

  • Headrest submersible into back unit
  • One-hand aids: double hand rim, one-hand steering (with Taurus frame), one hand brake
  • Different leg supports (also split and hinged upward)
  • Lightweight drum brake wheels (weight saving up to 1,1kg/pair)
  • Lightweight carbon fibre components
  • Optional therapy table
  • Abduction wedge
  • Anti-tipper
  • Push bail or handles, adjustable in height and angle



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Technical Specifications

 MioMio CarbonMio Move
Seat Width7 - 13" | 18 - 34 cm7 - 12" | 18 - 30 cm8 - 13" | 20 - 34 cm
Seat Depth7 - 14" | 18 - 36 cm7 - 12" | 18 - 30 cm7 - 14" | 18 - 36 cm
Back Height7 - 13" | 18 - 34 cm7 - 14" | 18 - 35 cm9 - 18" | 24 - 45 cm
Maximum User Weight50 kg | 110 lbs50 kg | 110 lbs50 kg | 110 lbs
Wheel Size18" | 46 cm
20" | 51 cm
22" | 56 cm
24" | 61 cm
20" | 51 cm
22" | 56 cm
24" | 61 cm
20" | 51 cm
22" | 56 cm
24" | 61 cm
Lower Leg Length6 - 15" | 15 - 37 cm6 - 12" | 15 - 30 cm4 - 15" | 10 - 37 cm
Grow in;
Seat Width
Seat Depth
Seat Height
Frame Abduction
Two Frame Shapes
ISO 7176-19



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