FormAlign Positioning Cluster Pad

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Please contact us for more information about this product.

The foam cluster pads are used within the cushion range to create a base within the ischial well for superior immersion. The small clusters are designed to work with adjustable, good options and are a good choice when working with a custom well and fixed pelvic asymmetry. These clusters can be upgraded to the Visco and gel versions to increase pressure care levels when required

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Features and Benefits

It can be used on custom ischial wells and accommodating pelvic asymmetries

Velcro backing increases application choices

4-way stretch cover

Allows for immersion and thus spreads the loading of pressure

Components to deliver postural support and pressure care solutions

Positioning products to complete your seating system for the best user experience and comfort.

Looking to improve postural stability?

Postural support solutions with awareness of the daily challenges you experience finding your personalised specialist seating solutions.



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