Car boot hoists for wheelchairs, powerchairs and mobility scooters

We provide a range of hoists that make it easy to load and unload mobility equipment from a car. Manufactured by our recommended specialist, Autochair, these powered solutions are simple to control, strong and compact when stowed.

If manually getting a wheelchair or scooter in and out of car boot is problematic for you, or you prefer to reduce the risk of back strain from lifting, then the choice we offer will solve all your equipment transfer needs.

Smart Lifter: LM Range

Car boot hoists with either a 40kg or 80kg lifting capacity.
Designed for micro mobility scooters and lightweight wheelchairs, this range has a fully automated lift function that is operated through the touch of one button. 

Smart Lifter: LC Range

Car boot hoists with either an 80kg or 100kg lifting capacity.
These medium sized solutions are ideally suited to loading compact class 2 scooters or mid-range wheelchairs. 

Simple to operate, they will load your equipment in less than 60 seconds and can be easily re-fitted in a different vehicle if required. 

Smart Lifter: LP Range

Car boot hoists with either a 125kg, 150kg or 200kg lifting capacity.
These solutions have the power and strength to lift all types of scooter or powerchair. This range offers the world’s strongest hoists and is ideal for users with larger and heavier equipment. 

Vehicle transfer person lift for wheelchair users

In addition to solutions for loading and unloading mobility equipment, we also provide a range of lifts to assist with passenger and driver transfers. Designed for all wheelchair users, the Autochair Milford Person Lift from Recare is available with a choice of slings to suit a variety of needs. In a controlled manner it will lift and manoeuvre a user from their wheelchair, into a vehicle and onto a standard car seat and vice versa. 

The Milford Person Lift is compatible with virtually every make and model of car and has a lifting capacity of 149kg (23.5 stone). It is straightforward for a specialist fitter to install and can be operated at the touch of one button. By choosing this trusted solution, manual moving and handling is eliminated so the risk of injury is reduced whilst user dignity is maintained.