Modular seating

We understand needs change over time, especially if you are a child or have a developing disability. We are leading specialists in modular solutions that can achieve growth, adaptations and evolve, so a healthy posture and skin integrity are never compromised.

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    Dreamline-BAC-System-assymmetrical-set-up Formalign

    FormAlign BAC System Wheelchair Backrest

    From £222.00£331.00 Excl. VAT
    Accommodating mild asymmetrical back profiles BAC positioning system has been launched to help to solve these challenges with its integral adjustment sections, which means mild spinal and rib cage asymmetries can be accommodated easily.
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    Positioning-Cluster-Pad Formalign

    FormAlign Positioning Cluster Pad

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    Foam cluster pads are used within the cushion to create a base within the ischial well for superior immersion. A good choice when working with a custom well and fixed pelvic asymmetry. These clusters can be Visco and gel to increase pressure care.
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    Swing down pommel Formalign

    FormAlign Swing Down Pommel

    From £300.00 Excl. VAT
    The FormAlign® swing-down pommel offers comfortable, firm support. Its pressure-relieving foam overlay inside a water-resistant cover makes it a perfect solution for that added thigh support.
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    Pressure Care Mapping Boditrak 2 Advanced Technology

    From £450.00
    Advanced personal seating pressure technology mapping in Recare's Complete Specialist Seating and Rehabilitation Clinic. One-to-one access to Expert Seating Professionals and Senior Complex Rehabilitation Consultants to find your seating solution.
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    From £238.00 Excl. VAT
    Self-contained air cells in the ADAPTOR Pad can be used as an interface on virtually any flat or contoured surface to protect skin and soft tissues. Cut to fit various surface shapes
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    ROHO Pack-It Air Cushion

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    For the short-term needs of active users. The air cushion is excellent skin integrity protection for athletic competition, bathing, travelling, or as a scapular, sacral or lumbar support.
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    Ottobock SHAPE Matrix Specialist Seating

    Ottobock SHAPE Matrix Seating

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    Seat contours created with Matrix components Custom moulded to suit your body shape and needs Optimal ventilation when used with spacer fabric Ability to grow / adapt to changing needs