FormAlign BAC System Wheelchair Backrest

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Accommodating mild asymmetrical back profiles is often challenging. Products that do not offer adjustment to meet these shapes often introduce risks, instability, and lack of function for the user. The BAC positioning system has been launched to help to solve these challenges with its integral adjustment sections, which means mild spinal and rib cage asymmetries can be accommodated easily.

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The BAC product is available in various sizes and is designed to fit inside the Dreamline Support backrest. It can be added when the user requires it as it needs to change and develop.

Features & Benefits

Compatible with most shelled backrests in the market

Designed to meet asymmetric postures

Provides increased levels of stability and user function

Can be reset and re-issued

Components to deliver postural support and pressure care solutions

Positioning products to complete your seating system for the best user experience and comfort.

Are you looking to improve postural stability?

Postural support solutions with awareness of the daily challenges you experience finding your personalised specialist seating solutions.



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