Extreme Loopwheels Suspension Wheelchair Wheels

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Extreme comfort, Extreme stability, Extreme freedom.

Venture off-road with new comfort levels with the Extreme Loopwheels wheelchair suspension wheels.  Designed with hi-tech carbon composite springs to soften the vibrations you go off-road on all terrains with and without power wheelchair add-ons.

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Field to the forest. Extreme Loopwheels reclaim the terrain.

What are Loopwheels?

Loopwheels are vibration-reducing wheelchair wheels with integral suspension. Loopwheels turn any terrain into a smoother, more comfortable ride. Helping you push over uneven streets, cobbles, grass, rough tracks and gravel paths with less effort.

For greater comfort and independence

The composite springs give you extra power to get up or down kerbs. Loopwheels replacement wheelchair wheels are more comfortable than standard wheels: they absorb tiring vibration, bumps, and shocks. They naturally adjust for uneven camber – the slope on the side of a road, with standard quick-release axles. Loopwheels fit most manual wheelchairs.

Why Extreme Loopwheels?

Extreme comfort, Extreme stability, Extreme freedom

Loopwheels has developed a robust wheel with world-class suspension that works at higher speeds for off-road use with an MTB tire and power attachments.

A high-performance suspension wheel specifically designed for maximum comfort off-road when using a power attachment.

It is fitted with a Mountain Bike Tire for extra grip and comfort

Extreme comfort, extreme stability, extreme freedom: go wherever the path takes you

Extreme ride quality and comfort on any adventure

Available in 2 spring strengths

Regular and Stiff suspension.

The Urban Loopwheels wheelchair suspension wheels springs utilise hi-tech carbon composite materials. Available in 2 spring strengths (Regular and Stiff), which will allow customers to get the best comfort and health protection for their weight and the typical activities they undertake.

Weighing 1.36 kg per wheel

At an impressive weight of under 3 lbs, removing much more vibration than any other Standard Wheel, the Extreme Loopwheels wheelchair suspension wheel is the definitive wheel if you love travelling faster on tracks and off-road.

Loopwheel Design Features

Integral Suspension

A shock-absorbing suspension wheel that makes going places more comfortable. Loopwheel springs are made from robust and innovative carbon composite material, tested to give outstanding stability and durability.

Why are there three loops in the wheel?

The three-loop design in Loopwheels works together as a self-correcting system. The spring between the hub and wheel rim provides suspension that constantly adjusts to uneven ground, cushioning the rider from bumps and potholes in the road.

Rigid Rim

The robust rim rolls efficiently over flat surfaces, too.

British Made

Proud to be a manufacturer of world-class innovation in wheel technology

Carbon Composite

This innovative material makes getting out much less effort.


The hub floats within the rim, constantly adjusting as shocks from uneven surfaces hit the wheel rim.


Loopwheels come fitted with black aluminium push rims.

Alternative upgrade push rims

Curve & Curve L

A high-quality, ergonomic push rim designed and made in Germany. These are available in two sizes: ‘Curve L’ for a larger hand or ‘Curve’ for smaller hands. Designed for wheelchair users with complete hand function.

Curve Tetra Grip & Curve Tetra Grip L

Pushrims have the same ergonomic shape as the ‘Curve/Curve L’ but are also rubber coated for greater grip. Designed for tetraplegics with triceps function and wheelchair users with complete hand function but little hand strength.


Designed for wheelchair users with complete hand function and complete or limited hand strength. Our best-selling ergonomic push rim.

Anodised aluminium push rims

Available on request for 24″.



Loopwheels Logo

Loopwheels Models

Loopwheels ClassicLoopwheels CarbonLoopwheels UrbanLoopwheels Extreme
Classic Teal Loopwheels Wheelchair Suspension WheelsCurve Grip Pair Black Spring Teal Loopwheels Wheelchair Suspension WheelsUrban Tyres Loopwheels Wheelchair Suspension WheelsExtreme pair Loopwheels Wheelchair Suspension Wheels
In SummaryA good value wheel offering everyday comfort and vibration protection.12% extra Carbon which delivers comfort and protection, with additional lateral stiffness.A light everyday wheel offering comfort and vibration protection, for manual or powered use.A wheel specifically designed for off road use, often coupled with a power attachment. Designed for a MTB (mountain bike) tyre.
Key FeaturesComfortStabilityEasy to lift with one handOff-Road styling
Colour optionsCarbon finishAppearanceLow weight
Supreme ride comfortQuality of the role
Wheel Diameters24" | 54 cm24" | 54 cm24" | 54 cm24" | 54 cm
25" | 56 cm25" | 56 cm
Colour Options6 colours
10 logo colours
Carbon with white
reflective logo
Carbon with white
reflective logo
Carbon with white
reflective logo
Weight1.8 kg | 4 lbs1.8 kg | 4 lbs1.36 kg | 3 lbs1.33 kg | 3 lbs
Vibration reduction60.90%60.90%109%109%
Lateral stiffnessGood for manual use20% more than classic37% more than classic37% more than classic
Spring RatesStandardStandardRegularRegular

Technical Specifications

Wheel Size24" | 507 mm
(fitted MTB tyre)
24" | 54 cm
25" | 56 cm
24" | 54 cm
25" | 56 cm
24" | 54 cm
25" | 56 cm
ETRTO number47 - 507 (24 x 1.75)25 - 540 (24 x 1.00)
25-559 (25 x 1.00)
Axle bearing1/2" (12.7mm)
1/2" (12.7mm)
1/2" (12.7mm)
1/2" (12.7mm)
HubBlack anodised aluminiumBlack anodised aluminium
Sealed cartridge bearings
Black anodised
Die-cast aluminium
Graphite grey anodised
Die-cast aluminium
Spring/loop materialsUltra lightweight carbon fibreCarbon fibre compositeCarbon compositeCarbon composite, with protective plastic coating
Loop ColoursBlack, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, White or Orange
Logo colourWhite reflective logosWhite reflective logosReflective logo
Black, White, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Teal, Light Blue, Grey, Purple
(Standard - Upgrades available)
Black powder coated aluminiumBlack powder-coated aluminiumBlack Powder-coated aluminiumBlack Powder-coated aluminium
Pushrim offset (Distance to wheel rim)
Narrow 15mm only0.43" | 11mm0.43" | 11mm0.43" | 11mm
Wide0.75" | 19mm0.75" | 19mm0.75" | 19mm
RimBlack double walled aluminiumBlack double walled aluminiumDouble walled aluminiumDouble walled aluminium
Inner rim width0.6" | 16 mm0.6" | 16 mm0.6" | 16 mm0.6" | 16 mm
Bearing width at faces1.8" | 45.8 mm1.8" | 45.8 mmSealed cartridge bearings
Width at faces 1.87" | 47.5 mm
Sealed cartridge bearings
Width at faces 1.87" | 47.5 mm
Wheel weight1.33 kg | 2.93 lb1.36 kg | 2.99 lb24" : 1.8 kg | 4 lb
25" : 1.85 kg | 4.1 lb
24" : 1.8 kg | 4 lb
25" : 1.85 kg | 4.1 lb
Minimum user weight50 kg | 110 lb35 kg | 77 lb
Maximum load
(User and chair)
120kg | 265lb120kg | 265lb120kg | 265lb120kg | 265lb
Maximum Speed15.5 mph | 25 kph15.5 mph | 25 kph4 mph | 7 kph4 mph | 7 kph



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