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The plus model of Freedom folding power wheelchairs

Variations in height being the biggest difference. It is ideal for average to taller users. Meanwhile it can work equally well indoors and out. This large power wheelchair is equipped with larger air-filled rear wheels and powerful motors.

The most popular model is for active users up to 160kg who like to be outdoors, drive on uneven surfaces (gravel, grass, cobblestones, etc.) or want to get around in the winter.

28.5kg – WEIGHT

Up To 27miles – DRIVING RANGE

Up To 25stone – USER WEIGHT

High-Quality Build

Class-leading design and manufacture


It folds in a couple of seconds


Only 28.5 kg in total

More Power

2 x 250W continuous/300W peak brushless motors with electromagnetic braking

Aeroplane Ready

Batteries approved for air travel

Anti-tip Safety

Anti-tip wheels give reassuring stability


All FreedomChair models can be easily folded in just seconds. The compact design, combined with a lightweight aluminium frame, makes them easy to transport by car or plane. Storage space required inside an apartment or cruise ship cabin is minimal.

Latest Battery Tech

Up to 3 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can be fitted, giving you x3 the power and range. Each battery ranges up to 9 miles, so 27 miles may be possible with three batteries depending on terrain and user weight. Adaptor cable included for off-board charging.

Highly Manoeuvrable

This powered chair will turn on its axis, making it easier to use than a mobility scooter in restricted areas such as retail spaces and lifts. Steering with the joystick is very intuitive and can be left or right-handed.

Electromagnetic Brakes

Electromagnetic brakes automatically hold you on a hill when the joystick is released. Motors can be set to freewheel mode allowing the chair to be manually pushed by an attendant.

Raisable Armrests

We’ve incorporated a handy flip-up function on both armrests for side transfers into and out of your seat. Also very useful for clearing the joystick when drawing up to tables.

Joystick With USB & An LED Light

FreedomChairs have a built-in USB charging port under the joystick so you can top up your smartphone on the move. Particularly handy when using battery-intensive navigation apps. Additionally, a bright LED light can be turned on to light your path ahead for your safety.

On-Board Storage

Handy under-seat bag for personal items. Plus, a helpful seat backrest storage compartment.

Travel Bag

Durable travel bag provided, free of charge. Protects your chair and the handles allow it to be rolled along in freewheel mode.


Seat Elevation Kit

Working similarly to a rise and recline chair, the Seat Elevation Kit will comfortably raise or lower the user when leaving or entering the chair. A long press operates the feature on the speed increase + button to raise the seat, and a long press on the speed decrease – button lowers. The kit can be specified when ordering your chair and retro-fitted to recent A08 & A08L models.

Attendant Control Kit

With an Attendant Control Kit, your FreedomChair can be steered by a Carer/Attendant walking behind the chair. The thumbstick allows steering in all directions, and the kit includes a pair of height-adjustable rear-facing handles for stable control. This kit helps to lengthen the usable life of a FreedomChair should the user become less able to control the chair from the main front joystick.


The power of this FreedomChair is enough to not only move you along very capably, but it can also tow this handy trailer unit behind it. Rigidly connected with easy to fit spring-bolts, the trailer is equipped with swivel casters to make turning and reversing no problem at all. For example, a valuable accessory for carrying that shopping bag or a suitcase.


A fully adjustable headrest can be easily attached/removed from the chair.

Cup Holder

A quality, adjustable cup holder. Handy for holding a cup/bottle and keeping one hand free. Fits the armrest on the side not used by the joystick.

Seat Widening Kits

If the chair you prefer is within your user weight limit but feels a little snug between the armrests, a seat widening kit can be easily fitted to give you that bit of extra space. Available in two sizes, the kits can add a total of 60mm (2.5″) or 100mm (4″) between the armrests.

What are all the powered wheelchair functions? What do YOU need in your powered wheelchair?

Learn more about powerchair functions and options with Recare’s Powered Wheelchair Selection Guide


Freedom Chair

Technical Specifications

Seat Width17" | 43 cm17" | 43 cm19" | 49 cm19" | 49 cm
Maximum User Weight110 kg | 245 lbs110 kg | 245 lbs160 kg | 350 lbs160 kg | 350 lbs
Drive Wheels10" | 25.4 cm12.5" | 31.8 cm10" | 25.4 cm12.5" | 31.8 cm
Range9 miles | 15 km
18 miles | 30 km
9 miles | 15 km
18 miles | 30 km
9 miles | 15 km
18 miles | 30 km
27 miles | 45 km
9 miles | 15 km
18 miles | 30 km
27 miles | 45 km
Product Weight22.8 kg | 50.3 lbs25.7 kg | 56.4 lbs26.9 kg | 59.3 lbs27.9 kg | 61.5 lbs
Maximum Speed4 mph | 6.5 kph4 mph | 6.5 kph6 mph | 9.5 kph6 mph | 9.5 kph
Folded Dimensions
Length23.2" | 59 cm24.8" | 63 cm23.3" | 59 cm25.2" | 64 cm
Width27.2" | 69 cm27.2" | 69 cm27.2" | 69 cm29" | 74 cm
Height13.4" | 34 cm15.7" | 40 cm12.6" | 32 cm13" | 33 cm
Open Dimensions
Length23.2" | 59 cm37.4" | 95 cm39.4" | 100 cm40" | 102 cm
Width23.2" | 59 cm24.8" | 63 cm23.2" | 59 cm24.4" | 62 cm
Height36.8" | 93.5 cm36.8" | 93.5 cm35" | 89 cm35.4" | 90 cm
Additional Batteries1 Add. battery - 30km1 Add. battery - 30km1 Add. battery - 30km
2 Add. battery - 45km
1 Add. battery - 30km
2 Add. battery - 45km
Attendant Control Kit
(rear joystick & handles)
Arrow Yes SelectionArrow Yes SelectionArrow Yes SelectionArrow Yes Selection
Armrest Widening Kit
3 cm | 5 cm
Arrow Yes SelectionArrow Yes SelectionArrow Yes SelectionArrow Yes Selection
CupholderArrow Yes SelectionArrow Yes SelectionArrow Yes SelectionArrow Yes Selection
HeadrestArrow Yes SelectionArrow Yes SelectionArrow Yes SelectionArrow Yes Selection
Seat Elevation KitArrow Yes SelectionArrow Yes Selection
TrailerArrow Yes SelectionArrow Yes Selection



User Manual


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