Decon E-Move

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Lightweight, adaptable, reliable

The latest customisable push rim-controlled drive unit on the market, E-Move provides programmable powered assistance for manual wheelchair propulsion.

Lightweight, adaptable, reliable

The Decon E-Move is the latest push rim controlled drive unit which can be adapted to a wheelchair user’s specific mobility needs, to deliver powered assistance as and when required.

Decon E-Move

With the ability to fit almost all manual wheelchairs, users save energy and can easily overcome longer distances, roads and obstacles which otherwise might be challenging.

Setting up your new E-Move is quick and easy – simply drive as normal. The E-Move user-friendly software will analyse your driving and recommend the optimum settings.

There’s a variety of options to fine-tune functionality – including personalised support for forward and backward wheelchair movement and extra power from a starting position. E-Move can be programmed to support one-handed drive (Hemiplegia) and easily adjusted to balance arm strength, push rim and turning sensitivities.

With the E-Move from Recare, you always have the right support in all situations.

If you’re travelling longer distances, the E-Move can propel your wheelchair up to 20m with just one push rim grip. Plus, with a battery range of 16 – 25km, there’s additional peace of mind.

Whilst on slopes, whether at the train station or on roads, the Gyro function can be used to automatically counteract the incline. And it enables the wheelchair to drive straight all the way, removing the need for a user to readjust.

In addition, a ‘2nd driving profile’ means you can programme for any changes you require and easily switch driving mode, over and above just ‘indoor’ or ‘outdoor’ settings.

The lightweight E-Move wheelchair power add-on is easy to remove and suitable for both car and air travel. It is compatible with a range of wheel sizes: 20’’, 22’’, 24’’, 25’’ and 26’’.

  • Fits almost all manual wheelchairs
  • Set up in just 15 seconds
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Range 16 to 25 km
  • Transportable by car and air
  • Lightweight and removable



Technical information

Range Maximum (km)30
Speed Maximum (mph)6
Product Weight (kg)17
User Weight Maximum (kg)150



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