Vicair Vector O2 Cushion

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The most stable cushion for wheelchair users

Optimal temperature and moisture regulation. Expanding the user’s reach. Nine adjustable compartments for maximum stability. Extra positioning of the thighs.


Vector O2 Vicair Pressure Relieving Wheelchair Seating Cushion Invacare 1

Comfort, optimal skin protection, excellent leg guidance and extra pelvic stability

The Vicair Vector O2 wheelchair cushion is filled with Vicair SmartCells and provides customised support, which can help accommodate and/or correct postural deviances. Sometimes it is necessary to offload the vulnerable area around the IT (sitting bones) and coccyx (tailbone).

The Vicair Vector O2 wheelchair cushion does just that. Its unique compartment layout further provides comfort, optimal skin protection, excellent leg guidance and extra pelvic stability.

High-risk cushion for adjustable skin protection and positioning

100% machine washable and breathable for optimal hygiene and perfect temperature and moisture regulation.

Shaped SmartCells, offer support where needed.

The Vicair Vector O2 wheelchair cushion, filled with tetrahedron-shaped SmartCells, offers support where needed, resulting in improved functionality of the upper body and expanding reach.

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It helps prevent pressure ulcers

The wheelchair cushion Vicair Vector O2 helps prevent pressure ulcers. It is also a high-quality addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan (stage I-IV).





Vicair offer a range of wheelchair cushions which redistribute pressure and reduce shear, with each model providing varying degrees of positioning capabilities. Unlike inflatable air cushions, if one or more air cells were to fail, your skin integrity won't be compromised. A Vicair wheelchair cushion contains hundreds of SmartCells which ultimately provides a reliable solution.

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