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The all-around wheelchair for active use. The demands placed on a wheelchair are as variable as the users themselves.

While compact, lightweight construction is important for one person, the design or colour takes precedence for another. Others focus on comfort and handling. But there is one thing they all have in common: The desire for the greatest possible mobility and independence in everyday life. Autonomous and free to pursue your interests – always and everywhere.

With the Ventus by Ottobock, we have created a wheelchair that fulfils all these wishes. It is a fully configurable rigid-frame wheelchair for active use with a custom-made frame and a comprehensive selection of options that make it versatile in application. It is a true all-rounder and a reliable companion in your everyday life.


Always out and about, letting your mind wander – without thinking about the wheelchair.

Just get in

Thanks to its compact transport size, you can easily load the Ventus yourself – and not only into a van or estate car.

Customisable design

With numerous adjustable components, including the seat and 14 colours to add personality, the Ventus can be tailored to meet individuals’ needs, allowing anybody to drive a lightweight aluminium rigid-frame wheelchair.

Pure relaxation

Enjoy life, reach the goals you set for yourself, and participate in recreational activities: The Ventus expands your personal mobility radius.

Action hero

No, you don’t have to participate in every sport with your Ventus – but it takes you to where the action is.

How do you find a wheelchair suitable for you?

Contact us! You honestly can’t beat our expertise and knowledge in individual products and our speciality is finding the right product for you! We don’t carry out assessments intending to supply the most expensive wheelchairs or powered wheelchairs.

Recare is highly recommended due to our unique specialist in a family-run business ethos of sourcing the product that fits your needs and maximises your quality of life, a wheelchair that means you can do as much as possible.

What do all the wheelchair options mean?

See the Recare Manual Wheelchair Guide to learn more about the wheelchair options available.




Technical Specifications

Ventus Technical Specifications

Max User Weight140 kg | 309 lbs
Weight approx 11 kg | 24 lbs
Frame approx 8 kg | 17.6 lbs
Seat Width11 - 19.5" | 28 - 50 cm
Seat Depth12 - 19.5" | 30 - 50 cm
Front Seat Height16 - 20" | 40 - 52 cm
Rear Seat Height13 - 20" | 33 - 52 cm
Back Height12 - 19.5" | 30 - 50 cm
Lower Leg Length8 - 19.5" | 20 - 50 cm
Width18 - 31" | 45 - 79 cm
Length30 - 38" | 76 - 97 cm
Height25 - 41.5" | 63 - 105 cm
Front frame angle75°



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