Active Rigid Wheelchair

Suppose you’re looking for maximum propulsion efficiency and ultimate manoeuvrability. In that case, our stylish and lightweight active rigid range is second-to-none.

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    Invacare Action 5NG Folding Manual Self Propel Wheelchair 2

    Invacare Action 5 Rigid & Folding

    From £1,288.00 Excl. VAT
    Extremely compact when folded with a unique H-shaped folding mechanism and backrest that folds directly onto the seat. Step-less adjustments can be made whilst the individual remains in the chair.
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    Zenit Ottobock Lightweight Manual Wheelchair 2

    Ottobock Zenit Wheelchair

    From £3,084.00£5,116.00 Excl. VAT
    The Ottobock Zenit is an ultra-lightweight modern manual wheelchair with the option of being a folding or rigid wheelchair.
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    Panthera S3 wheelchair

    Panthera S3 Series

    From £2,600.00 Excl. VAT
    Designed to fit you and your active lifestyle
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    Icon 60 Rehasense Active Rigid Lightweight Wheelchair 1

    Rehasense ICON 60

    From £1,495.00
    Lightweight rigid 7000 Series Aluminium Alloy frame and carbon fibre side guard has been designed to enable the user to adjust various elements of the chair to suit their individual needs.
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    Motion Composites APEX A

    From £2,485.00
    Triple-butted aluminium and a strategic touch of carbon fibre strike a perfect balance making this chair innovative modernity and lightness.
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    PDG Mobility Elevation Ultralight

    From £2,350.00
    Embrace daily living by quickly adapting their seating position to mobility needs through on-the-fly seat height and back angle adjustment.
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    Motion Composites APEX C

    From £3,645.00
    Blend technology and design, the ultimate lightness, durability, flexibility, style the advantage of carbon fibre in a modern, adjustable wheelchair.
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    Quickie Krypton R

    From £4,250.00 Excl. VAT
    Krypton Rigid wheelchair reduces overall movement, allowing more energy you put in the chair to be transferred to forward propulsion.
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    Argon 2-rigid-wheelchair-Quickie-Sunrise-Medical-3

    Quickie Argon 2

    From £2,250.00 Excl. VAT
    Combination of a rigid performing and multi-adjustable active wheelchair. Functional characteristics built into modern-looking open frame.
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    Ki Mobility Ethos

    From £3,300.00 Excl. VAT
    Ethos delivers unrivalled ride quality and performance packaged in a strikingly sculpted design, unlike anything you have ever experienced.
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    Progeo Joker

    From £2,592.00
    Linear and aggressive rigid wheelchair, innovative technical solutions for full personalisation. Patented system for easy setting adjustments.
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    Dalton Wolturnus Rigid Active User Wheelchair 1

    Wolturnus Dalton

    From £3,795.00
    Functional and versatile The Dalton is a rigid wheelchair for active users, who want a multi-adjustable and detachable footrest.
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    Progeo Duke

    From £4,236.00
    Wheelchair made up of two frames in carbon-fibre monocoque with differentiated section shapes to confer resistance and reactivity.
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    Quickie Nitrum

    From £2,850.00 Excl. VAT
    Lightweight adjustable aluminium wheelchair at 4.9kg lifting weight. Combine weight rigidity, custom fit, fine-tuning, energy-efficient chair.
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    Küschall Champion 2.0

    From £2,683.00
    Unique active and lightweight wheelchair with the characteristics of a rigid frame wheelchair with the convenience of being fully folding.
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    Ottobock Ventus

    From £1,608.00
    A fully configurable rigid wheelchair for active use, a true all-rounder, and a reliable companion in your everyday life.