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The Perfect Blend of Style & Function

The Zippie Voyage by Sunrise Medical early intervention stroller combines a lightweight and stylish base with Zippie’s incredibly versatile seating system! The result is an intuitive, easy-to-use stroller that makes no compromises when it comes to what’s best for the baby.

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Sleek, Lightweight & Looks Like Any Mainstream Buggy

The Zippie Voyage base is a sleek, stylish, and lightweight design. The base has been designed to incorporate the Zippie Voyage seat system. The Zippie Voyage uses an angle and height-adjustable push handle, responsive to either one or two hand steering; it also comes with a large storage basket, suspension and lock-out swivel front wheels. It also has a simple foot to lock brake, which is easy to operate. It can also be folded into a compact package to simply lift and store easily within the boot of any car.

Reversible Stroller Seat with Tilt and Recline

The ZIPPIE Voyage early intervention stroller also has tilt and recline functionality to help improve your child’s positioning and assist with feeding, digestion, respiratory function and visual orientation. To tilt (with a range of 35°) or recline (of up to 180°) the ZIPPIE Voyage, just use the easy-to-reach trigger handle behind the backrest – it is that simple! For maximum interaction, face the seat rearward toward you. Or, face it forward so your child can explore their surroundings.

Supportive Seating For Your Child

The Zippie Voyage’s priority is positioning your child for healthy growth and development from babyhood into their school years when it comes to seating. The Zippie Voyage features a one size seat that accommodates your child’s growth from 15.5cm – 30cm seat width, 20cm – 34cm seat depth, 41cm – 61cm backrest height, and 15.5 cm – 31cm lower leg length. Available on the Zippie Voyage is a range of positioning accessories such as hip guides, head support, pommel and lateral trunk support, and a range of JAY shoulder harnesses, lap belts and shoe holders.

Slide-n-Lock Seat Adapter

Designed for portability, the ZIPPIE Voyage stroller can be quickly and effortlessly disassembled to fit in the smallest of cars. In one simple motion, attach or remove the seat from the stroller with the ‘Slide-N-Lock’ seat adapter. Just slide in the seat using the guide rails, and the audible lock will indicate when it’s safely attached.

Simple to Fold Technology

Zippie Voyage folds into a very compact package in two simple steps. Firstly remove the seat, secondly, just pull the triggers on the handlebar on the handles on both sides, and the base folds neatly into a small package. The lightweight aluminium base weighs just 12.7kg and is easy to handle, fold and lock for safe transfers. This means less strain on your back.


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Technical Specifications

Width25" | 62 cm
Height32 - 48" | 81 - 122 cm
Length44" | 110 cm
Seat Width9.5 - 12" | 24 - 30 cm
Seat Depth8 - 13" | 20 - 33 cm
Seat height22.5 - 25" | 57 - 64 cm
Seat Tilt35º
-5º - 30º
Backrest Height16 - 24" | 41 - 61 cm
Back Recline80º to 180º
Lower leg length6 - 12" | 15.5 - 31 cm
Rear Wheel Size12" | 30.5 cm
Front Wheel Size8" | 20 cm
Maximum User Weight34 kg | 75 lbs
Total Weight22.5 kg | 50 lbs
12.7 kg | 28 lbs base weight
9.8 kg | 21.6 lbs seat weight

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