Supporting young children with disabilities is a top priority for us. Our specialist buggies and strollers offer a supportive and adaptable solution, maintaining proper postural support throughout their growth at a tender age, and most importantly, fun!

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    Ottobock Eco-Buggy

    From £693.00
    The child stays well-positioned. The reinforced upholstery in both the seat and back sections, along with a stable, height-adjustable footrest assembly and a pelvic strap, make the Eco-Buggy especially safe for the child.
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    Ottobock Lisa Rehab Buggy

    From £1,556.00
    In town and when travelling, this folding transport chair is ideal for children (from three to sixteen) with mild postural weaknesses: Lisa is compact, easy to fold, and sturdy.
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    Kimba Buggy Ottobock Children Specialist Posture Support 1

    Ottobock Kimba Child Positioning Buggy

    From £1,082.00
    Specialist Ottobock Kimba Family are fully supportive, postural and lightweight aluminium buggies, which is extremely comfortable for your children.
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    Zippie Voyage front

    Sunrise Medical Zippie Voyage

    From £4,000.00
    Early intervention, tilt, recline function helps improve child's positioning and assisting feed, digest, respiratory and visual orientation.