Rollz Motion Performance

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2-in-1 rollator and wheelchair with air tyres

Rollz Motion Performance is the all-terrain model of the Rollz Motion that comes with air-filled tyres for advanced shock absorption. Other add-ons like the extra soft armrests and wedge-shaped seat add to its comfort.

This rollator with air tyres is designed for frequent use on uneven terrain, for people who might need to sit longer in the wheelchair function or those who need additional cushioning due to sensitive hands, wrists, shoulders or back problems.


Smooth and safe ride on bumpy roads


Pneumatic tyres for shock absorption on uneven terrain

Extra comfort

Thick armrests and ergonomically shaped handles


Modern matt coating in stylish jungle green colour

Shock-free and low-vibration walker

Is there a rollator that gives you a smoother more stable walk? Your body will feel the difference!

If you suffer from painful joints, osteoarthritis, a hernia or back problems, walking and sitting can eventually make your body sore at a certain point. The Rollz Motion Performance is the answer to that, as the rollator with air tyres dampens vibrations and enables a softer and smoother experience that will ease your ride.

Pushing requires less energy.

More comfort on rough terrain

Our designers have gone all the way to develop products that support you in the best way possible. Movement is essential to keep stimulating your body and mind, and therefore walking and going outside should be something to look forward to.

The rollator with air tyres makes driving feel comfortable even on challenging roads or uneven sidewalks and requires less energy when pushed in any rollator and wheelchair positions.

Luxury version

Excellent support and stability on rugged terrain

Built on the same frame as the Rollz Motion rollator and wheelchair in one, the Rollz Motion Performance comes with extra features to provide more comfort to those who like to walk in the forest or countryside, visit old city centres or live in areas with uneven terrain.
The wide tyre profile better absorbs shock. Combined with the large rear wheels, this makes driving over pavements and thresholds easier.

Ideal for cobblestone, grass, forest or country paths

Thicker armrest padding to feel fewer bumps

Portable air pump included

Drum brakes for different weather conditions

Ergonomically shaped soft handles for optimal grip

The Rollz Motion Performance is equipped with unique soft handles that are ergonomically shaped. The hands are automatically placed in the correct position when holding the handles.

The shape ensures more grip, and the material dampens vibrations which come in handy when walking over bumpy terrain.

Wedge-shaped cushion for a better sitting position

The seat cushion is thicker at the front. Therefore, your pelvis tilts slightly backwards. The form allows you to sit better, mostly when the rollator is transformed into a transport chair.

A more comfortable sitting position could also mean less strain and pressure on the back and lower thigh.

Multiple reflective parts

The Rollz Motion Performance is more visible in the dark thanks to the reflective strips on the basket under the seat. The wheelchair package also has reflective piping.

These contribute to added safety when walking in poorly lit areas, especially at night.

Handles and footrests

The handles and footrests of this outdoor rollator with air tyres are adjustable to fit users of different heights, arm lengths and leg lengths.

There are nine handles and four footrest options to choose from to find the optimal combination for yourself or the person who pushes the wheelchair. This ensures an optimal walking and seating position.

Soft, hard or pneumatic tyres?

‘With wheelchairs and walkers, you have to deal with two important characteristics of the tyres: suspension and rolling resistance. These two are inversely proportional. In other words: the harder the tire, the lower the roll friction and the easier it is to push the wheelchair. A rollator with air tyres offers the solution.’


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Technical Specifications

Rollz Motion 2Rollz Motion 2 SmallRollz Motion Performance
Rollator weight11.6 kg | 26 lbs11.6 kg | 26 lbs11.4 kg | 25.5 lbs
Wheelchair weight3.4 kg | 7.5 lbs3.4 kg | 7.5 lbs3.4 kg | 7.5 lbs
Maximum weight capacity125 kg | 275 lbs125 kg | 275 lbs125 kg | 275 lbs
User height63" - 75" | 160 - 190 cm60" - 73" | 150 - 185 cm63" - 75" | 160 - 190 cm
Seat height21.5" | 55 cm19.5" | 50 cm21.5" | 55 cm
Handle height range34" - 39" | 87 - 98 cm32" - 37" | 82 - 94 cm33" - 39" | 86 - 98 cm
Seat size rollator8" x 18" | 20 x 45 cm8" x 18" | 20 x 45 cm8" x 18" | 20 x 45 cm
Seat size wheelchair16.5" x 18" | 42 x 45 cm16.5" x 18" | 42 x 45 cm16.5" x 18" | 42 x 45 cm
Overall width27" | 67 cm27" | 67 cm27" | 67 cm
Overall length25" | 63 cm25" | 63 cm25" | 63 cm
Width folded12" | 31 cm12" | 31 cm11.5" | 29 cm
Front wheel diameter8" | 20 cm8" | 20 cm8" | 20 cm
Rear wheel diameter12" | 31 cm12" | 31 cm12" | 31 cm



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