Standard Wheelchair

Wheelchairs with minimal configurable features can be a solution to increase mobility for those who need a wheelchair now and again who don’t have pressure care concerns and only need a wheelchair for shorter periods of time—an out of the box solution to your independence.

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    Invacare Action 3NG Wheelchair 1

    Invacare Action 3NG

    From £641.00£1,096.00 Excl. VAT
    A sleek and stylish chair for everyday use. A highly versatile design enables the wheelchair to be as modified as you need.
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    Invacare Action 4NG Folding Manual Self Propel Wheelchair

    Invacare Action 4 NG

    From £700.00£740.00 Excl. VAT
    Particularly suitable for taller or heavier people. Offers total flexibility with Transit, Self-propel and Heavy Duty versions. Simple handling and folding make for great ease of transport.
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    Motion Composites MOVE

    From £1,335.00
    The latest technology in a standard wheelchair will enhance your daily life with superior-quality parts for unrivalled toughness and performance.
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    Ottobock Motus

    From £1,370.00
    Always on the go? Motus can be folded quickly for transport and storage, saves you time and energy. Function meets design, adaptive wheelchair can be customised to your preferences.
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    Quickie Life Folding

    From £1,695.00 Excl. VAT
    Available as a fixed front or swing-away caters for several needs and requirements in a foldable wheelchair. The Life F utilises a long-established design that provides a robust wheelchair and energy-efficient setup.
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    Argon 2-rigid-wheelchair-Quickie-Sunrise-Medical-3

    Quickie Argon 2

    From £2,250.00 Excl. VAT
    Combination of a rigid performing and multi-adjustable active wheelchair. Functional characteristics built into modern-looking open frame.
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    Quickie Life Rigid

    From £1,695.00 Excl. VAT
    Modern design and lightweight options minimise energy by the user for everyday activities, reducing the loads on shoulders, arms and hands.
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    Rollz Motion – Rollator Wheelchair In One

    From £749.00 Excl. VAT
    You can have a rollator and wheelchair combination for those who can walk with support but sometimes need a wheelchair. This way, you do not need to choose!
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    Rollz Motion Performance

    From £849.00 Excl. VAT
    All-terrain rollator and wheelchair in one, with air tyres. It allows to walk in comfort over uneven terrain and is easily converted from a rollator into a wheelchair.