Permobil X850 Corpus 3G

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With rear-wheel drive, a powerful motor and robust suspension.

This is the off-road powered wheelchair that you can safely drive at 15 km/hr. Our powerful road wheelchair doesn’t just look sturdy. It’s built for people who demand high performance outdoors over all terrains.


Built for outdoors

You need a wheelchair that can cope and rely on; the X850 Corpus 3G by Permobil is the right choice. With rear-wheel drive, a powerful motor and robust suspension, this is a wheelchair that you can safely drive at 15 km/hr.

High Performance

Our powerful road wheelchair doesn’t just look sturdy. It’s built for people who demand high performance. The chair is equipped with ESP (Electronic Steering Performance) which controls the engine and ensures that you never lose control when taking a corner. It has directional lighting, which stays on the track, spring-loaded mirrors, and rubber bumpers that can take a knock.

Ergonomic seat

The outstanding aspect of the Corpus 3G is that the seating system is completely adapted to the body’s natural form. The seat can be rotated 180°, making mounting and dismounting easy. Contoured seat cushion for extra support. The seat features adjustable angle armrests.


Big wheels, independent suspensions and a robust bumper.


Extendable wheelbase for even greater stability at high speed.

Seat rotation

It makes transfer easier.

What are all the powered wheelchair functions? What do YOU need in your powered wheelchair?

Learn more about powerchair functions and options with Recare’s Powered Wheelchair Selection Guide




Technical Specifications

Length50 - 58" | 126 - 146 cm
Width28" | 72 cm
Minimum Transport Length50" | 126 cm
Seat height21" | 54 cm
Weight - including batteries203 kg | 448 lbs
Max. user weight136 kg | 300 lbs
Seat width16 - 23" | 42 - 57 cm
Seat depth14 - 23" | 37 - 57 cm
Backrest height19" | 47 cm
21 - 26" | 55 - 67 cm
Backrest width14 - 20" | 36 - 51 cm
Battery97 ah
Range35 - 45 km | 22 - 30 miles
Max. speed6 - 9 mph | 10 - 15 kph
Turning radius
(ISO 7176-5)
132" | 336 cm
Obstacle capability4" | 11 cm
Legrest elevation20 - 70°
Power tilt15°
Power seat lift8" | 20 cm
Power backrest recline35°
Manual recline45°
Crash Tested
(ISO 7176-19 |



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