Mo-Vis USB charger Powerchair

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You can use the Mo-Vis Powerchair USB accessory to charge any USB-powered device with a power consumption of up to 3 Ah. You can plug in 2 devices to charge at any time.

Available in 2 Mo-Vis versions: R-net and DX

The unit is powered by the wheelchair (24) and will transform the 24 V input voltage into a Mo-Vis USB output voltage

The Mo-Vis USB Charger has 2 ports: for Apple devices, there is one dedicated port, but both ports can be used for all other devices

Integrated safety circuits prevent the Mo-Vis device from overcharging when connected to the wrong USB port.

You can plug in 2 devices as long as the maximum power consumption of all plugged-in devices does not exceed 3 Ah.



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