Mo-Vis HID Joystick

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The HID Joystick is a low force joystick that you can connect via USB to another device. You can work in mouse, joystick or keyboard mode on your PC (Windows/OSX), Android device, iOS device, XBOX or XAC.

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Product features

Low force joystick: available in Micro (8.5 gr of force) and Multi (50 gr of force) version

Enables people with (very) limited muscular force and/or movements to operate devices such as computers and game controllers

Can be operated by hand, fingers, chin…

Is recommended for people with tetraplegia, (neuro)muscular diseases and other advanced diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or multiple sclerosis (MS)

Note: The HID Joystick is a composite Human Interface Device, which means that this device contains three HID classes: the HID mouse, HID keyboard and HID Joystick. The HID Joystick connects via USB to a PC, XBOX Game Console, Android, iOS or other USB host device. The HID Joystick is also compatible with Bluetooth adapters.



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