Mo-Vis Multi Joystick

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A multifunctional operable joystick.

Thanks to its flexibility, the joystick can easily be controlled by any body part, including finger, chin or lips.

The Multi Joystick is a joystick module connected directly to the wheelchair electronics to control the wheelchair’s functions. A small proportional joystick requires significantly less power and movement than a regular joystick. It can easily be controlled by any body part, including finger, chin, lip… thanks to its flexibility. It is recommended for people with tetraplegia, neuromuscular diseases (ALS, MS…) and limited muscular force.

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The Multi Joystick can be mounted anywhere on the wheelchair, allowing for easy access for the user.

If you want to operate the Multi Joystick with your hand or fingers, you will have to ensure that your arm, wrist and hand are supported and that the joystick is mounted in an optimal position. The joystick placement must be precise because the user will generally have limited movement. The joystick can be integrated into a tray or mounted anywhere else for easy access (e.g. below the armrest).

The Multi Joystick can also be mounted on a swing-away arm or harness if used as chin, lip or tongue control.

Mo-Vis Multi Joystick offers the best of both:

Less force is required than standard joysticks, so there is less risk of repetitive stress disorders

More travel & power are required than Micro Joystick, so easier to control.

Fully proportional, with reduced throw (8 mm) and force (ca. 50 gr)

Built-in a compact and discrete housing, with 2 3.5 mm jacks for switch input

Two switches can be linked to the separate interface: (red) on/off power wheelchair – (yellow) mode of the power wheelchair

Fully adjustable to individual possibilities and needs with well-thought-out electronics (mini USB connection)

Compatible with multiple types of wheelchair electronics

It has a LED light on the interface, which will start to flash green in case of error or orange in case of active tilt



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