Mo-Vis Actuator Keypad Pro

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Control your personalised seating positions.

Including pre-set seating. For the popular R-Net joystick-controlled powered wheelchairs. Mo-Vis Actuator is available in two different versions: one with buttons and one with paddles

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The Mo-Vis Actuator Keypad allows controlling the actuators of a powered wheelchair with an R-net control system. There are different Mo-Vis Actuator Keypads available for the CJSM1 and CJSM2 joystick.

(They are not compatible with both at the same time because each type of CJSM needs a different resistor value).

Actuator Keypad Pro Features

Allows control of the 5 actuator axes (lifts) on an R-net system

Available in two different versions: one with buttons and one with paddles

2 different versions of Mo-Vis keypads available for CJSM1 or CJSM2 joysticks

Simple connection via a 3.5 mm stereo jack into the mode socket of the joystick

The Mo-Vis keypad can be mounted inline or sideways on a CJSM1 or CJSM2. The keypads that are compatible with CJSM2 joysticks can also be mounted on the Scoot Control

A sticker sheet is included to facilitate the use of the Mo-Vis keypad

More information

The usefulness of the Mo-Vis Actuator Keypad

Your wheelchair may be equipped with seat adjustment possibilities (tilt & recline). And with good reason.

A high/low adjustment can be very important for social contact. Without a high/low adjustment option, someone in a wheelchair can’t be at eye level within a group, such as the QUICKIE Powerchair C-ME Seat Lift. Participating in conversations can be more difficult as a result. Adjustments are also used for care. It is also important to reach certain places, utensils, ATMs, doorbells etc. This certainly promotes the independence of the user.

Tilt adjustment is a great asset to changing the user’s posture. Without changes in posture, there is a greater risk of pressure sores and complaints related to prolonged static sitting.

A Mo-VisActuator Keypad makes it much easier to control these adjustments. That means increased comfort and independence for the user.

Mo-Vis Actuator Keypad PRO

We also have PRO versions of our Mo-Vis actuator keypads available, where you can assign the keys individually and/or change the order. Before installation, you can open up the Mo-Vis housing and change the order of the 2-pin connectors.



User Manual


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