FormAlign STX Wheelchair Cushion

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Cushion Cluster Pads *

Cushion size will advise how many cluster pads are required to purchase.

Looking for structure and adjustability within a cushion?

The FormAlign STX wheelchair cushion offers a great deal of structure, making it one of the most supportive cushions on the market for both symmetrical and severely asymmetrical postures.

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Modular design allows many asymmetric postural challenges

The modular design allows many asymmetric postural challenges to be accommodated or corrected, such as wind-sweeping, pelvic rotation, and range of movement limitations within the hip. All within one system!

The STX has optional “Cluster Gel” packs, which can further distribute pressure accurately for your more complex postures and skin integrity challenges. The options are endless, from lowering of femurs to offsetting lateral thigh guides!

Features & benefits

Core structural design with-stands constant forces

Modular design – customisable off-the-shelf solution

Integral Ischial well adjustment

4 Way Stretch water-resistant cover

Includes a set of 10 positioning pads for pelvic obliquity

80mm high contouring

Various size options are available

Able to be reset and re-issued

Pressure relief options

136kg maximum user weight



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FormAlign Accessories

Cushion Rigidiser

The cushion rigidiser is designed to work with a cushion on a wheelchair seat canvas to prevent “sagging” and loss of structure to ensure the best postural control. It is placed inside the cushion. The composite material from which this product is manufactured maintains structure whilst keeping the weight to a minimum.

Cushion Lateral Supports

This innovative, simple product has been designed to provide extra support when required against strong abduction.

Gel Wrap Topper

The gel wrap system is designed to offer the user extra pressure care. The continuous surface area works well for some active users and those who have specific daily needs. The product can be retrofitted to most cushions and is a simple solution to providing the user with increased levels of pressure care.

Quick-Release Seat Pan

The FormAlign quick-release seat pan is a great solution for folding mobility chassis’. Transport safety approved to WC20 and ISO16840-4 standards for forwarding facing transportation in a motor vehicle.

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