FormAlign Assist Wheelchair Cushion

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Long-term seated patients that have good core stability

The FormAlign® Assist cushion is a comfortable seating solution for long-term seated patients that have good core stability. This cushion contours around your patient for long-term comfort whilst maintaining enhanced weight distribution and improving circulation in their lower limbs.

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Features & benefits

4 Way Stretch water-resistant cover

Includes a set of 4 positioning pads for pelvic obliquity

15mm high contouring

Pressure relief

136 kg Maximum user weight

Bubble Foam Technology

Independently tested at a rehabilitation institution, the FormAlign® cushion displayed far better pressure distribution than traditional contoured pressure relieving foam cushions. It exhibited minimal variance when alternating the pelvic tilt angle between posterior and anterior. The cushion mapped more comparable to an air cushion than its foam counterparts.

Shear Protection

Shear Protection Dreamline Cushions FormAlign Specialist Disability Seating Solutions

The FormAlign® cushion’s “bubble contouring” curved top surface gently restricts the forward tilt of the pelvis, which naturally reduces the risk of shear pressure regardless of the sitting position.



Improved Circulation

Improved CircImproved Circulation Dreamline Cushions FormAlign Specialist Disability Seating Solutionsulation Dreamline Cushions FormAlign Specialist Disability Seating Solutions

The mild forward curvature of the cushion relieves constriction to blood vessels behind the knee, helping to improve circulation to the lower limbs.



Positioning For Asymmetrical Postures

The detachable pads shown below are used for accommodating or correcting asymmetrical postures. The pads may be layered according to the degree of the asymmetry and can be accurately positioned anywhere on the base of the cushion. You can cut these to shape with a sharp knife or scissors.

Obliquity Pad Dreamline Cushions FormAlign Specialist Disability Seating SolutionsObliquity Pad Set Dreamline Cushions FormAlign Specialist Disability Seating SolutionsUnderside of Foam Dreamline Cushions FormAlign Specialist Disability Seating Solutions



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FormAlign Accessories

Cushion Rigidiser

The cushion rigidiser is designed to work with a cushion on a wheelchair seat canvas to prevent “sagging” and loss of structure to ensure the best postural control. It is placed inside the cushion. The composite material from which this product is manufactured maintains structure whilst keeping the weight to a minimum.

Cushion Lateral Supports

This innovative, simple product has been designed to provide extra support when required against strong abduction.

Gel Wrap Topper

The gel wrap system is designed to offer the user extra pressure care. The continuous surface area works well for some active users and those who have specific daily needs. The product can be retrofitted to most cushions and is a simple solution to providing the user with increased levels of pressure care.

Quick-Release Seat Pan

The FormAlign quick-release seat pan is a great solution for folding mobility chassis’. Transport safety approved to WC20 and ISO16840-4 standards for forwarding facing transportation in a motor vehicle.

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