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Agile suspension is the ideal chair for users who need mobility for a more active outdoor life and regularly drive on varying surfaces or over longer distances. It has a tight turning circle, making it a great hybrid for indoor or outdoor use.


Agile everywhere ability.

The F5 Corpus by Permobil, with Agile suspension, is the ideal chair for users who need mobility for a more active outdoor life and tend to drive on varying surfaces or over longer distances regularly. It has a tight turning circle, making it a great hybrid for indoor or outdoor use.

Quality and performance

Constantly improving performance and design gives our users the reliability and confidence they demand over time and always with stability and safety in mind.

Agile suspension and smooth 4-pole motors make the F5 the best choice for drivers with alternative controls and users with spasticity or other vibration-sensitive conditions.

Corpus: the ultimate seat system

Improved comfort, pelvic positioning, lateral stability and immersion are all key objectives of the new Corpus seat. The new Corpus cushions feature softer two-layer foam on the backrest, a re-designed pelvic well and Stretch-Air™ cushion fabric. Combined with BodyNatural, the new Permobil Corpus seat is the ultimate seat system for power chair users up to 150 kgs, whether they require power functions or not.


BodyNatural is a unique system from Permobil, designed to harmonise and combine the movements of the power seat functions to support the body’s natural movements.


Stretch-Air™ cushion covers

A soft 4-way stretch fabric option.

A softer backrest cushion

With two-layer foam is designed to increase immersion and comfort.

Active Reach

Tilts the seat forward by up to 45° and raises it to extend functional reach. Simplifies transfer for user or caregiver.

Stronger backrest

The actuator gives the full range of smooth, safe power recline for any user up to 150kg.

Corpus® seat cushion

The re-designed pelvic well aims to increase immersion into the seat and improve comfort and stability.

Agile suspension

Fully independent suspension on all wheels is especially beneficial for active outdoor users or users of alternative controls like chin steering.

Safer driving after dark

Optional LED lights front and back for improved brightness and visibility.

Caster glide pivot wheels

give smooth manoeuvrability at low speed and stability at high speed

Keeping it clean

Optional rear-wheel mudguards protect the user and the motors from splashes and dirt.




Technical Specifications

Maximum User Weight136 kg | 300 lbs
Maximum Speed7.5 mph | 12 kph
Base Width16 miles | 26 km
Base Length38" | 97 cm
42" | 107 cm (incl. anit-tippers)
Base Turning Radius30" | 76 cm
Ground Clearance3" | 8 cm
Drive ElectronicsR-Net 120A
Seat-to-Floor Height17.5” | 45 cm
18.5” | 47 cm
19.5” | 49 cm
Seat Elevation14" | 35 cm
Posterior Seat Tilt0° – 50°
Anterior Seat Tilt
10° | 20° | 45°
Backrest Angle - Power Recline85º - 180°
Backrest Angle - Manual Recline85º - 120°
Power Elevating Legrest85° – 170°
Seat Width17 - 23” | 42 - 57 cm
Seat Depth14 - 22” | 37 - 57 cm
Backrest Height20” | 51 cm
23 – 28” | 58 - 71 cm



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